February 03, 2013

Cup of tea

Trixie and I finally got to catch up in Wellington
it wasn't a long outing
but it was a very nice cup of tea

a lady we saw when we were enjoying our tea

Trixie writing a card for a friend

something happened to the photo :( haha, so green

two friends in neon yellow

December 20, 2012


Was invited to my aunt's work xmas party on a BOAT
The cruise went around the Auckland harbour and even under the Auckland harbour bridge...
it was an incredible night.
It was so much fun :D 
Her colleagues were so funny!
There was a seafood buffet (heaven... *drools* they even had oysters!) and the music was pumpin'.
I wore this sparkly paisley top that I got from Recycle Boutique (I love the unique, one-offs that you can get from that shop). 
I've been into glitter, sequins and sparkles lately...

November 08, 2012

Drunk on life

Let's be drunk on life.
on what it has to offer,
and everything it throws at us.

October 26, 2012

Melbourne 2012

Hello Hello
I've been incredibly lazy and busy
I finally got a chance to have a look at the photos
I took in April this year in Melbourne :)


PS. best of luck w/ your exams Trixie!