October 17, 2010

[Trixie] See you soon

Fi and I have exams in roughly a fortnight.

What we're going to be studying next year is really riding on the results of these exams.

Meaning we have to hit the books!

See you in 2-3 weeks :)

October 10, 2010

[Trixie] Retouched

I know, I know.
The bubble hem is "so 2008" but I don't think it looks that out-dated, right?

My sister actually gave me this dress.
She bought it from New Look in England :)

Seriously, all my favourite clothes are from her!

This dress was actually a plain denim shirt dress with a band as a hem.

But I folded up the band and added the lace down the middle.
What do you think?

That is me trying to shield myself from the sun...

And this is the ring that I'm wearing.
It's so pretty!
But the sharp, metal edges are really pointy...

Hope you had a good weekend!

October 06, 2010

[Trixie] New Wave

Hahaha! Her eyes look crazy!

And I like her earrings.
Me loves big, chunky. LOUD (!) jewellery like that.

Ooh I like her big shiny, chunky bracelet...

I want a white vintage swing jacket like that...
something structured and tailored. 
Most of my jackets are slouchy and baggy :(

And now, something really cute and funny!

However, if you're on the receiving end of these awkward sexual advances...
well, that's just not cute or funny at all.

October 05, 2010

[Trixie] White and grey for Uni

... ready for the summer!

Haven't posted any outfit posts in a while so here's what I wore to Uni today.

I look weary because this is just when I got home from Uni...
and my hair is really flat... haha

I went to Valleygirl today in between lectures and tried on this cute pair of peach, high-waisted shorts.
It looked terrible on me :(
And then I found these silky-ish cargo shorts that were so niiiice!
But I'm too poor! Argh!

Are these shorts too short for ... I don't know,
Last year I wore shorts that were even shorter to school
 (Haha! What a skank!),
but seeing as I went to an all-girls school, 
it wasn't a big deal.
I mean, there were tonnes of girl who wore leggings as pants 
and just let their flabby butts jiggle up and down the stairs
so my exposing of my legs wasn't that bad (at least I don't think it was that bad...).

I'm just a little bit more self-conscious wearing shorter bottoms to Uni
because I don't want to look like a walking advertisement for the (disgusting) Uni boys.

This is a ring that I bought in a shop somewhere on Elliot street.
All those Asian shops upstairs are so cute ! 

P.S. I just ordered my glasses yesterday. 
They'll arrive within a couple of weeks!
I will definitely take photos when I get them heehee

October 03, 2010

[Trixie] ACNE Summer 2010 lookbook

I googled "summer fashion 2010" and found this lookbook for the brand ACNE 
(what an unfortunate name... It's like that Italian fashion chain 'GAS'... Hahaha!).

Firstly, what's with the biker shorts?!
I even saw a photo of Lady Gaga wearing them ...
even she's being a sheep for this trend!
Of all the trends that she could've followed,
she chose the biker short trend?!


But I do like the top on the model 2nd to the right.
I don't like the metal-like leggings on the model to the left,
or the leotard on the chick beside her... really, what's the world coming to?!