October 03, 2010

[Trixie] ACNE Summer 2010 lookbook

I googled "summer fashion 2010" and found this lookbook for the brand ACNE 
(what an unfortunate name... It's like that Italian fashion chain 'GAS'... Hahaha!).

Firstly, what's with the biker shorts?!
I even saw a photo of Lady Gaga wearing them ...
even she's being a sheep for this trend!
Of all the trends that she could've followed,
she chose the biker short trend?!


But I do like the top on the model 2nd to the right.
I don't like the metal-like leggings on the model to the left,
or the leotard on the chick beside her... really, what's the world coming to?!


  1. the leotard is not the first thing i'd shop for either..haha

  2. in love with the blouse in the 2nd to the right look.


  3. Haha! Yeah the name does throw you off, but I don't think its an English brand. Love the silk shirt second from right!

  4. haha... i agree with you on the biker shorts... lol... however, i do really like all those fringed jackets. they look super fun!

    thanks for visiting and i'm a new follower of yours as well!

  5. thanks for comment on my blog:)

    (you is not like my new follower
    will be a technical problem):)

    I love Acne!


  6. Thanks for stopping by.....your blog is so cute...


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