October 16, 2011

The Red Parade

Okay, here's another post! FINALLY!

What's new with me? 
Well, I feel like there's not much to tell,
and that there's also too much to tell, 
if that makes any sense :P
But I should probably mention that my "do or die" moment is next Wednesday :S
I'm so terrified. But also really excited!
If it goes well, then I'll let you know about it in a future post.
If not (which is very likely haha) the I won't be mentioning it ever again 
(because I'll be too busy being curled up in a ball and slowly dying anyway).

This dress was secondhand from trademe. 
I had to shorten it (as usual... me so damn short)
and those shoes are my teal ones from Urban in Wellington.
I wear those shoes everyday - I can't live without them!

I mean, they're technically winter shoes but I don't care...
Imma be wearing them all summer!


If we lose tonight, I'm going to be crying myself to sleep D;