August 24, 2011

When the time is right

Just when you think I'm dead and gone(or at least kipnapped somewhere internet-less),
BAM! here I am.
and yes, a thousand appologizes for the prolonged absence :(
I have too much going all at once.
It kind of feels like an uncleaned room
except I can't quite seem to tidy my head around it.
I guess life is messy.
From my birthday in June
I've been wanting a lot of inspiration lately,
mostly because the weather was so grey(literally)
and pouring with rain(and some miraculous snow!)
All the inspirations lately:

1) a nice bach somewhere

3) Lola by Marc Jacobs

4)Look by Vera Wang

5)Gorgeous sweaters
6) Braided hair

I'm going to have to say that
I'm going to have another long absence.
and I AM sorry :(
Do you recognise this cute girl from Daddy Day Care?

what a shock to find out it was Elle.
hahahahaha she is so pretty :D

August 19, 2011

A much needed reunion

Had a mini reunion with some high school friends.
Hadn't seen them in months!
I really didn't realise how much I missed them until I saw their faces.
Catching up with these girls really put me in a good mood :)
If that were possible!
I was still on cloud nine from the lab with my favourite tutor the day before...
I was shamelessly flirting but I don't regret it at all because it's our destiny to be together.
No, I'm not being irrational/obsessive/creepy!
The Gods will do what they have to do to...
you know, to make us be together.
And then we'll live in the French countryside where I'm a paediatric Speech Therapist for French children
and he's a cognitive researcher working on blind French patients.
(My sister said that finding blind patients in the French countryside will be difficult seeing as
blind patients are unlikely to pay for prime real estate if they can't see the countryside...
she has a point.)
And then we'll have beautiful children.
You see, I've thought this out.
I can't even tell whether I'm joking or not anymore which is worrying.

Admittedly, I am a creep thus I instantly noticed when he turned up to the lab with a haircut.
Without thinking, I said,
"Oh, you got a haircut."
He looked creeped out surprised and said apprehensively,
At this point, I suddenly realised that I had to explain myself because
any normal person would not have noticed his haircut!
I have to keep my 'creepiness' to myself!
I had to quickly blurt out,
"My other tutor got a haircut as well. Yup, that's why I noticed!
All the tutors must get haircuts at the same time."
He joked with, "Yeah. At the weekly tutor's meeting."
I said, "And someone brings the scissors."
We both burst out laughing and he nearly fell backwards.
I instantly thought "SUCCESS! He thinks I'm funny! 
Now I have to make him think I'm smart, beautiful and friendly and then he'll fall in love with me!"
(But SHHHH I lied about my other tutor's haircut...
it was a white lie - that other tutor got a haircut 2 weeks ago :P )

Anyway, this post already contains enough embarrassing shit.
I need to sort myself out.
This is inappropriate!

P.S. Rina! You finally cameo on the blog

August 12, 2011

Teal Suede

Long time no talk!
How long has it been since the last post - what, a month and a bit!

I actually took these photos 2 weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to edit and post them.

What's new with me?
Hmm... I shall list what has happened in the past month since Uni has started.

1) I found out that both the Jesus' in my Linguistics classes are taken.
Not surprised! 
I'm also not disappointed, I didn't like them anyway.
But it's just amusing saying,
"Jesus has a girlfriend."
By the way, their names aren't actually 'Jesus'.
Their facial hair just resembles Jesus' facial hair.
And they're very good-looking.
When the wind is whisping away in their direction,
they look like models at a photoshoot with a big fan.

2) Am having an internal struggle.
To drop Linguistics or not?
I find the theories so difficult to grasp and I have no time to keep up with the readings
because I'm preoccupied with my other papers.
It's my own fault really... I chose to do this stage 3 paper
when it would've been wiser to do a stage 2 paper.
I don't know what to do.
3) ... can't think of anything else worth noting except that 
I'm ridiculously infatuated with yet another tutor.
I can almost sense the eye-rolling.
I know, I know - 
here we go again.

I'll try to take some photos of my 'dress of the moment'.
It's a red one I got off trademe and shortened (like all things I get off trademe... haha).
Most of y'all have probably already seen it,
but I would love to frolick and such in it heehee

Have a good week!