August 24, 2011

When the time is right

Just when you think I'm dead and gone(or at least kipnapped somewhere internet-less),
BAM! here I am.
and yes, a thousand appologizes for the prolonged absence :(
I have too much going all at once.
It kind of feels like an uncleaned room
except I can't quite seem to tidy my head around it.
I guess life is messy.
From my birthday in June
I've been wanting a lot of inspiration lately,
mostly because the weather was so grey(literally)
and pouring with rain(and some miraculous snow!)
All the inspirations lately:

1) a nice bach somewhere

3) Lola by Marc Jacobs

4)Look by Vera Wang

5)Gorgeous sweaters
6) Braided hair

I'm going to have to say that
I'm going to have another long absence.
and I AM sorry :(
Do you recognise this cute girl from Daddy Day Care?

what a shock to find out it was Elle.
hahahahaha she is so pretty :D

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