December 29, 2011

Elie Saab Part 2: Orange

Moved into my new place in Auckland :D
I've been bowling and shopping! yay.
I now know that I really am a midget, 
because I tried on a 7/8 jean and they fit me perfectly as a full length one!
Nevertheless they look good on me so I bought one.
And I'm getting another tomorrow teehee ;)

Elie Saab '12 Spring Collection part 2: Orange

December 27, 2011

Elie Saab Part 1: White/Creme

Elie Saab is doing everything right 
for this girl to want to afford every piece of his latest collection!
I splited into 4 parts, according to colours 
because they are too divine for them to be 
spread at one go.

Elie Saab '12 Spring Collection Part 1: White/Creme

December 26, 2011


Christmas is gone but Boxing day is here!
I'm guessing a lot of impulsive spending will take place, everywhere in the world.

ASOS is having discounts :D

Light in the Box is having discounts :D

For me, I have a few in my list of WANT :P

1. Black pair of Jeans
It's a must and my current one is getting old(and breaking)

 2. Shoes

Let's see if my bank balance will let me buy these two :D

Happy Shopping!

December 24, 2011

Merry, merry Christmas

Hi guys :D

It doesn't matter where you are,
holiday is holiday.
Family and friends.
Love and reunions.
Make the most of it.

My heart goes out to Christchurch and my prayers are with them.

If you're in the place where it's likely to snow during this Christmas, then;

If you're going to be in a hot place this Chirstmas (like me) then; 

Have a safe Christmas,
and I will see you after boxing day :D

from Fi&Trixie

December 19, 2011

Summer at dusk

I had such a good time in Gisborne last week.
Got to see the beach for the first time this year :D
I do miss Gizzy

p.s I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Courtesy of N&J Clarke, 2011

December 08, 2011

Glory Days

Hello :D
I was away for a while.
I did a mini shoot with my friend N.Clarke
There are more to come so I can make up for
a long absence.

December 05, 2011

Catch-up Coffee with the Girls

I really like my friend's yellow, slouchy blazer here. 
It's lightweight and perfect for the summer!

Below is a nice, candid shot of her.
I especially like how the sunshine is beaming down on her as if she's being welcomed into heaven