May 30, 2010

[Trixie] Navy fun

Hello hello!

Been a while since we posted anything... 
Been too busy :(

Bought this navy shirt dress nearly a month ago.
It's been so cold lately brrrr
so I usually wear it with tights.

Those psychadelic shoes are my aunts.
They are super high and super HEAVY.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard

enough of this distraction!

Btw, I'm now looking for a denim shirt dress... hmm... 
that shopping venture has definitely got to wait until after exams though :S

 I think I am pescetarian now ...
... *raises eyebrow* ....

May 20, 2010

[Trixie] Who wore it better?

Fifi and I have been swamped with work and this blog has been put in the back-burner for a week now... woops.

Something that I always enjoy looking at are the "who wore it better?" columns in magazines.
I found this awesome website 
where they track down celebrities who wear the same garments and put up polls asking the question
"who wore it better?"

Proenza Schouler

Bella Kirsten Stewart actually looks nice here! Usually she looks gross and uncomfortable.
I don't know who the one on the right is... 
nevertheless, Kirsten definitely wins this one.

J. Mendel

The one on the right looks the best, I think.
I'm not too fond of T-bar stilettos ...

This model is looking FIERCE.

Victoria Backham Collection

Best hair goes to the beautiful lady in the middle, Kim Nam Joo.
Best pose goes to V. Beckham.
But Melanie Chisholm is also workin' the shoulder pads.


 Although Mrs Beckham looks really chic and posh (hah, pun... ?),
 I like how Rihanna pairs the trench with the sneaker style heels.
Edgier, most def.

I won't be posting anyting until at least next Tuesday :(
Unfortunately, CHEM 110 takes precedence... *sigh*

May 14, 2010

[Fifi] In a hurry

Got to leave my room in 1 min, have my 107 lab.
Well, that was fun, we counteds some red blood cells and mutated leukocytes
Fun, right? I have a headache from counting those tiny cells. GAH-

Elie Saab- Goddess much?

pre-requisite for this dress: long, lean, toned legs

Alexis Mabille

literally mosaic

tux meets dress?

extra, The Wondergirls at Harper's Bazaar
5 Girls, 5 Dresses, completely harmonious.
pick your fav

May 12, 2010

[Trixie] Sunrise and Sunset

Was just suddenly missing Wellington again...
Sunrise and sunset in Welly,
something that I haven't experienced in about
 2 months now :(
This photo is really beautiful.

 I have no idea who took this photo of a sunrise in Wellington - it's from Google :P

Sunset at the City of Sails.
Hmmm it's nice,
but it's nothing like a windy, sunny day at the wharf in Welly ...
eating Kaffei Eis gelato with good friends :)

Sunset in Auckland.
The pinkness looks gross, doesn't it?
Night-time at the Wellington wharf is definitely prettier.

[Trixie] Oooh


MY type of dress.

May 11, 2010

[Trixie] More Kate Sylvester

We haven't posted anything in a while...
School has been busy....
as usual.

hope you enjoy some more of Kate Sylvester at RAFW.
Oh, Yass was telling me how she suddenly had "Seasons of Love" from the film Rent stuck in her head.
Someone sang it during our prize-giving last year...
song brings back the nostalgia indeed :)

This guy's expression makes me LOL
"Hey dude... where's my pie... ?"

May 06, 2010

[Trixie] PINKY Promises Part 2

"I don't care who you are, where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love meeeee."
Backstreet Boys rock.
Anyone who thinks differently sucks.

Ahhh you still can't really see the top... my baaaad.

I've always been told that mammograms are extremely uncomfortable.
But it wasn't until today that I saw a cartoon of what actually happens to your boobs!
They squish them like a freakin PATTY !!!

The results from one of my tests is up,
but I can't seem to figure out how to view it online...
Ah well, it's probably for the better that I don't see my results,
or else I may have cried all night.

May 05, 2010

[Trixie] Ce que j'aime from Australia Fashion Week

Was looking through some photos of Australia Fashion Week, and it looks like it's off to a GREAT start!
Here's some eye-candy :)

Lisa Ho.

Forgot where these three designs were from... :P

The Ginger and Smart (Australian 'luxury' brand, whatever that means hahhhh).... had never heard of them before but I like this look indeed.

Aurelio Costarella! AMAZING!!!
He's Australian and even his name is fabulous.

Kate Sylvester. Isn't this outfit cute?
Unfortunately my legs aren't long enough to pull off thigh-high boots/socks :(

Bassike. I'm not really digging the pants but I quite like the dress.

Bassike. I just felt like we needed some men once in a while on this blog 
(although most models are scrawny little things).

Look, it's Fifi's boyfriend wearing Zambesi!