May 01, 2010

[Trixie] Apple

Haven't posted anything for a week... 
Been busy with school! 
During the holidays I was dominating this blog, and now it's Fifi turn :P 
I guess I'll only be posting once or twice a week now... :(

Fifi is currently at Dress-Smart. 
I am however too poor, 
and I need to STUDY.
OH, but I'll be going out with some girls tonight from Fifi's hall!
We're going to make a big group of chicas ready to partayyy... ! 
But no alky for me- I don't drink :)
^ Didn't end up going :( 
Ultimately, I wasn't in the mood.
Although what I say still applies: one doesn't need alcohol to have fun !

Eat your apples! They're good for ya ;D

You're probably thinking,
"arghhh I've already seen that skirt!"
But this blog is about mixing and matching, 
and how you don't need a new set of clothes every other week ^^
(we can't afford that... *ahem*).

For anyone who wants an update on the 'crazy doctor set-up' thang...
when my mother visited last weekend she tried to bribe me with food to meet that doctors son.
Food? FOOD?!
Naturally, I had a freakin fit RARRRRR!!!
Whatever. I'm over it.
I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm 100% not interested.

Everytime I see a Filipino boy at Uni, I freak out and walk the other direction.
So paranoid 0_0

"You're vulnerable ...
so vulnerable ...
you are not a robot.

So lovable
so lovable ...
but you're just troubled.

You should listen to 'I Am Not A Robot' by Marina and The Diamonds.
And listen to the message too.

"Better to be hated than 
loved loved
loved for what you're not."

 Everyone should move to Auckland because despite what people say,
(ie. "Aucklanders are inhospitable")
the people I've met here have been so nice!

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