May 05, 2010

[Trixie] Ce que j'aime from Australia Fashion Week

Was looking through some photos of Australia Fashion Week, and it looks like it's off to a GREAT start!
Here's some eye-candy :)

Lisa Ho.

Forgot where these three designs were from... :P

The Ginger and Smart (Australian 'luxury' brand, whatever that means hahhhh).... had never heard of them before but I like this look indeed.

Aurelio Costarella! AMAZING!!!
He's Australian and even his name is fabulous.

Kate Sylvester. Isn't this outfit cute?
Unfortunately my legs aren't long enough to pull off thigh-high boots/socks :(

Bassike. I'm not really digging the pants but I quite like the dress.

Bassike. I just felt like we needed some men once in a while on this blog 
(although most models are scrawny little things).

Look, it's Fifi's boyfriend wearing Zambesi!

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