November 25, 2010

[Fifi] Dream a little dream

Since I was young, I've wanted to own a house and decorate them.
Contemporary and vintage, a mixure of both is what I want.
Old statues and beautiful paintings, books and carefully structured bookcases.
Unique tables, patterned wallpapers, comfortable sofas and coffee tables.
Oh, and a good sized flat screen. :D

November 22, 2010

[Fifi] Intensity

I think there are two types of people in this world;
ones who own their clothings and the one who are owned by their clothings
You can tell which is which just by looking at them.
I'm talking about the people who own the style,
you know they got it right, maybe not everytime, but even then there is something about them.
so intense and fierce, almost unapproachable
ah, this is the girl; CL

this is just the extra from 2NE1 Vogue photo shoot;


November 18, 2010

[Fifi] Jeremy Scott; Collection to celebrities

Oh no! I lost my vodafone sim card. WTH, it was right next to me few seconds ago!

I quite like Jeremy Scott. I think he's eccentric and provocative yet stylish.
ah.. yes some of his men's collections scare me because they are not so wearable.
But otherwise I think he is genious. :D

From Jeremy Scott's Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear collection

And here they are, worn by celebrities.
These girls are called 2NE1, a Korean group
(oh I changed the photo, this seems better)

From his Twitter: with CL

From his  Spring 2011 Ready-to-wear collection

And here is Katy Perry wearing the Admit One dress.
I like Katy's version with blue shoes better :)

[Fifi] A little place I call home

I'm HOME! sweet, sweet home :D
There is something about home that just makes you want to go back .
It's so comforting and familiar.
By the time my exams were done, I was ready to leave O'Rorke.
maybe not the friends; but the tiny room and bad food, I was happy to leave behind.

So.. I'm back in my parents' home, in my freakishly empty room.
I decided that I'll only unpack 2 bags(out of too many) to last the summer.
It seems, you have too many things to do and too little time to do them!
catching up with friends, family, work, things you couldn't do over the year....
countless lists of To do's
I'm hoping I'll make the most of the summer of 2010/2011
and so should you :D.
Afterall, summer is the best time to have fun!

I'm going to introduce a friend of mine.
Becca, an aspiring curator studying BA with no set majors yet,
but she's working on it.
We're were just taking photos for the things she's selling on Trademe
and yes the photos are from Trademe.
If you're interested, have a wee look :)

Oh, by the way.. I got a job as a waitress at this thai restaurant.
Last night was my first night.
It was wayyy to congested for a wednesday night and for a first night working,
but what the hell, I'm sure I'll get better at it.
Still need a daytime job though-

What are you guys doing over the summer/winter? Anything special?

P.S I promise I'll upload as often as possible this summer with my own outfits!
Yay :D

November 15, 2010

[Trixie] I want to go shopping :(

I am sad.
I haven't bought anything new for nearly a whole semester!

Wait, that's a lie.
I bought a Spring Swing Coat from Recycle Boutique half a semester ago...
but that doesn't count!

 I need to go shopping 0_0

I am going crazayyy

Much like this guy on the right.

But without the beard.

The photo above makes me giggle.

Oh, he looks so unhappy.
Maybe because he mistook the living room rug for a scarf.

His pout is just so...

I really need a job during the summer!

I want a full-time job!
But I want one in the windy capital!
I want to work in retail!

Hmmm maybe I want too many things.

I wonder if I'll ever be accepted into the exclusive circle that is the retail industry...
cross those fingers!

(All images from the magazine, Liebling)

November 13, 2010

[Trixie] Liberation! Bob!

Okay, Fi and I have been talking about getting pixie cuts for months now.
I've wanted one for ages...
but decided against it.
Ultimately, I'm just not as impulsive as Fi!

So I thought I'd transition to the pixie cut...
if I ever decide to do it.
Which should be sometime this SUMMER.
Because pixie cuts during winter are just stupid.
Your neck will get cold.

and can you imagine growing out a pixie cut?!
My face is also not suitable for pixie cuts...
I don't think.
My face is too androgenous!
I have such a boyish face.
It sucks.

Gahhh! I overthink things!
This is why I ended up not getting a pixie cut.

Actually, the other reason is because I was still studying for my last exam
(which THANK GOD was this morning! 
Finally FREEEE)
when Fi booked her hair appointment 4 days ago.
I really, really wanted to get my haircut with her
but I knew I'd just hang out and do nothing productive all day
if I was anywhere but my room
(where all the studying happens. 
I can't study anywhere outside of my room...
Is it the same for you?
Do you have that one "zen" place where you can concentrate?).

Gah too much ranting!
I've been going crazy this past month 0_0

I think I need to go shopping.

Anyhoo, these are the before photos

This was during my study breaks.
I was going crazy. 

Wait, before I show you the new 'do,
I just want to say that long hair does not define beauty!

If you've ever wondered how you'd look like with short hair,
then just do it!
Maybe get a few inches off first if you're too scared...
baby steps, baby steps.
Take my lead ;)
All the pansies unite!

I wanted to cut my hair because I was sick and tired 
of all the Filipinas having long, layered straight hair with highlights.
If you don't believe me, visit the nearest Filipino family you know.
It's just so sad.

I actually spent the whole year growing my hair out, 
then I got glasses, 
looked in the mirror and thought,
"Great. I already looked like a generic Filipina.
Now I look like a generic dorky Filipina."

I needed to do something. 

Yes, Ninia, 
you want me to get on with it and show you the new haircut already,

My aunt said it makes me look younger...
man, she really knows how to push my buttons!

But ah well, 
I like it :)

What do you think?