November 08, 2010

[Fifi] Magic

I have always loved how fireworks look on camera, especially sparkles.
Since we can only legally buy fireworks once a year,
 we decided to go full on and light up the night.
I'm so gutted that Trixie couldn't be here :(
About 20 of us walked to Auckland Domain at around 9ish to start the show.

I think this is probably one of the most hilarious one.
I think it says "NO!" haha its supposed to be something else ;)

so.... we tried some other words and shapes.

I'm so infinitely proud of this one. This took 4 girls and 4 sore arms and great camera work(cough,)
People might think this is easy but trust me, you NEED skills.

suppose to be XOX, but I think it looks more like a segment of tic tac toc

Cute right?, courtesy of Lauren <3

Here goes the actual fireworks!

Bonus; Yass and her wand :)

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