November 15, 2010

[Trixie] I want to go shopping :(

I am sad.
I haven't bought anything new for nearly a whole semester!

Wait, that's a lie.
I bought a Spring Swing Coat from Recycle Boutique half a semester ago...
but that doesn't count!

 I need to go shopping 0_0

I am going crazayyy

Much like this guy on the right.

But without the beard.

The photo above makes me giggle.

Oh, he looks so unhappy.
Maybe because he mistook the living room rug for a scarf.

His pout is just so...

I really need a job during the summer!

I want a full-time job!
But I want one in the windy capital!
I want to work in retail!

Hmmm maybe I want too many things.

I wonder if I'll ever be accepted into the exclusive circle that is the retail industry...
cross those fingers!

(All images from the magazine, Liebling)


  1. dream big. believe you can make it anywhere. :)

  2. haha patty...apply to farmers if you wanna work in retail! they take on heaps of casual staff over xmas.


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