November 25, 2010

[Fifi] Dream a little dream

Since I was young, I've wanted to own a house and decorate them.
Contemporary and vintage, a mixure of both is what I want.
Old statues and beautiful paintings, books and carefully structured bookcases.
Unique tables, patterned wallpapers, comfortable sofas and coffee tables.
Oh, and a good sized flat screen. :D


  1. i like my living room to look Victorian and modern at the same time. :D

  2. so glad you guys are back from the dreadful exams! Hope you fared well. Thank you for the well-wishing. Am finally back after more than a week of blog hiatus! Thanks for sharing these photos by the way. Am a sucker for pretty interiors.

  3. Am passing the "lovely blog award" to you by the way. Check out the link below. Have a great day!

    Tag you're it!.

  4. @aizkim That is so sweet of you :D I'm also a sucker for pretty interior, well more like anything pretty, I crave for-

  5. Amazing room inspiration!


  6. Very inspirational pictures! Getting so much inspiration from it!

  7. i want my home to be really minimalistic! :) i dont want red's and golds in my house :S


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