December 02, 2010

[Trixie] Mod jacket

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for being M.I.A for nearly a month now (longer?).
Fi's been the only one posting for a while and I feel bad :( 

Well, it's the summer holidays ...
so what have I been doing?

Catching up with friends who I haven't seen in 4 months 
- having dinner (not that I need my friends around to have dinner! I meant "having dinner out"), watching HP7, eating ice-cream, baking in the sun on the beach ...

Oh, and watching heaps and heaps of Chuck!
I love it OH SO MUCH.

I have a massive crush on John Casey (Adam Baldwin).
I know, I know, he's like 45yo.
But there's something about his creepiness ...
hmmm ...
Does this foretell that I'll end up with a creepy husband?
Yeah, probably.

I bought this jacket from Recycle Boutique in Auckland actually.
I can't tell whether it's supposed to be have a 3/4 sleeve 
or whether it's for little 10-year-old girls...
Oh well, I'm built like a 10-year-old girl anyway because
I'm so flippin' short 

I've had this jacket for months now actually.
I've just been too preoccupied with Uni to take photos of it...

See how the shadow kind of cuts off my arm a little?
Well, the sun shines onto the balcony from 8am-11am.

I woke up earlier today and took a really quick shower, put on a bit of lipstick
(which you can't even see... what a waste of 5 seconds that was)
and threw this on before the sun left the balcony.

I had to put the camera on a bar chair because NO WAY was I risking putting the camera on the balcony ledge...
my ears would be ringing for days after being told off in loud, shrill Tagalog.

I  thought about wearing tights but decided against it because it was too hot and sunny outside... 
a Winter outfit during summer is a bit stupid, isn't it? :P

Hope you have a good day !

P.S. And yes, I am wearing something underneath!
Pj shorts and a long sleeve cardi that I folded up so that you wouldn't be able to see it.


  1. wooot that jacket is classy on you especially with your new short hair. :D

  2. Ha.. I say flippin' all the time! And I can tell you're wearing lipstick.. your 5 seconds weren't wasted :)

  3. LOVE the jacket, you look hot!

    Check out my blog!


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