December 09, 2010

[Trixie] A flattering Maxi

Botanical Gardens in Wellington, NZ.

Here we're lying in the sun beside the Shell Sound.

My hair was very close to looking like Willy Wonka's (the Johnny Depp one) today.
Thankfully it turned out fine...
Wait, the more I look at it, the more I think I look like a Polynesian Willy Wonka.

And no, I'm not Polynesian.

(Sorry Lisa! The one photo I took of you is blurry! 
I'm really bad at using cameras...)

 I have a pet peeve against Maxi dresses.
1) I'm too short to wear them and a little too thick so I end up looking like a fat tulip.
2) They make you look pregnant.
But one of my friend's managed to find one in Dotti that has a nice fitted bodice
and it doesn't make you look pregnant!
The pattern on the skirt is nice too.

Btw, isn't her hair really pretty and curly?

The dress really accentuates her figure!
Doesn't make her look pregnant at all! 
Ahhh then again, I guess it helps that she really has a nice figure -
with or without the dress.

Btw, my internet sucks at the moment.
Broadband won't pick up until the 13th... it sucks.
It can barely load this blog, let alone other blogs that we follow! 


  1. awwww love, i don't think your hair looks bad! its really flattering on you:)

    also, yeah, gotta love your friend's maxi! its a really good fit on her:)

    btw, hope you can follow me via googlefriendconnect:)


  2. very endearing photos! great smile and look;)

  3. Love the ethnic print on this skirt. Shame about your broadband, hope it returns sooner!
    Thanks for your sweet comment.


  4. You and your friend are adorable. I love you hair too, not at all like Johhny depps aha. Oh, and christmas break = big new post. Sorry for the massive delay, and thanks for your sweet comment! panda xo

  5. Such cute pictures :) your hair looks fine! your friend wears the maxi skirt very well!

    love, M

  6. awww you and your friends look like you had a good time. and your hair looks more like an edgy rihanna (before she went red)haha

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  8. loove the first photo!!xxx


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