December 16, 2010

[Trixie] Black Noise

One of my closest friends from Wellington, 

I've been looking for a creme blouse like her black one for ages now...
and have yet to succeed :(

She does a Bachelors in Design Innovation and will one day be designing my furniture.

I want big, gold, tacky Victorian-style furniture to suit my big, gold, tacky Victorian-style house, Memils.
Should probs let ya know in advance...

This photo ^ makes me so happy.
Words are not enough...
but let me try -


Oh my gahd, is that the time?!
Do you get it?
No? Okay, I don't get it either... 

I need to sleep because I have work tomorrow morning.

Wait, did you catch that?
I said that I have WORK!
Meaning I have a job.
In retail.
I am really lucky.
And thankful!

I guess this blessing balances out the whole "fainting and chipping my front tooth" incident...
Yeah, let's be optimistic here.

I will explain this all in detail in a later post because right now I have to go to sleep
in order to be fully rested for work.
Work... work... equals moolah. 
Mmmm money... that will be used for tertiary study.
Ah well, that's life.

(P.S. Ching, thanks for believing in meh about the retail thing ;P)


  1. oh sweet :) love the outfit and the ring on the right. :D

    thanks for stopping by =)

  2. cute outfit

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  3. lovely blouse.xx


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