December 18, 2010

[Fifi] From me, to me

Are you guys getting great Christmas presents yet? :D
I can't believe we're only a week away from Christmas!
I have a little tradition of my own.
I buy myself a present; From me, To me
This year, my bank balance has been quite unhealthy, so I'm going pretty cheap.

$20 eyeshadow palette from
so much choice and free shipping to anywhere in the world :D

so.. I got bored.. and tried some on for work ;)

woah.. I look really pale and white-


Oh, you know how I said I'm knitting?
well I'm knitting like mad and finished couple of berets, and this is one of them
hahah I suck and I know!

Well, I hope you guys have fun over the next week and get heaps of presents!!! :D


  1. oooh you knit? nice! and those color palettes are a lot..that makes a lot of color mixes which makes it fun.

  2. love the eye makeup! and that's such a gorgeous beret, you're so talented!

    love, M

  3. What a nice tradition and I love this palette.

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.
    How did you learn French?



  4. i'm glad you like my blog, it's so lovely to hear! i hope you have a very merry christmas too and a well earned break

    much love !! kani


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