February 28, 2011

DIY Tinkerbell Dress

Just had the first day of Uni!
Wow, what a day of useless lectures... !

There were few things that saved me from unceremoniously falling asleep today.
Let me list them!
(Because I love lists :D )

1) Craccum
This is the UoA student magazine.
I was actually giggling during my Psych lecture (really bad, I know...)
This week's issue was probably the best I've ever read (and I am a devoted collector of Craccum).
The most memorable part in this issue would have to be the guest column by David Farrier.
He's a journalist off TV3 News.
Apparently he was a student at UoA...
and tried (and failed) to get into Medicine.
Well, this goes to show you that when one door closes another one opens because this guy is a successful journalist now (and pretty fine, might I add. I have a thing for stubble + glasses *.).

The part that had me stifling my laughter?
His reference to the editors of Craccum:

"I have trust in the editors, too. I've watched Rhys' standup - he's a talented chap. 
Funny. Good-looking...
The other chap - well, I'm sure he'll do fine.
He's gotten this far as a ginge, he must be OK."

I know I shouldn't be laughing but COME ON,
that was witty at it's best!



Fi and Yass gave me this dress for my birthday last year.
I shortened it and that's what the end-product is.
However, it is so dangerously short that I can't raise my arms without flashing some unfortunate fellow.
I need to lengthen the lining...

2) A class rep said something that made me crack up
I was on the verge of pulling out Craccum when this class rep hopeful said,
"Vote for me because...
I'm small but I can do big things."

Seeing as 90% Uni students are perverted (which I am quickly learning),
there was a roar of laughter.
It was just too funny because she just stood there, awkwardly smiling,
not understanding the unintentional innuendo.
I hadn't voted for anyone in any of my other papers
(honestly, I don't care)
but her little speech was enough to make me lift my arm and vote.

3) Pervy men watching girls zumba
Was walking past the school gym and saw 4 men shamelessly peering through the window 
and watching 100 or so girls zumba.
What happened to modern-day subtlety?!

Anyway, that's was my first day of Uni in 2011 
summed up just for ya ;)

P.S. I have completed more drawings.
Will post them on Wednesday... unless Fi posts anything of hers.
Go, Fi, go!

*stubble + glasses usually only works on white guys and Hispanics (namely Diego Luna).
^ This is the condition of the hotness.

February 22, 2011

Pencil and Paper - it's the effort that counts, right? Part 1

Look at those beady eyes checking her out!
(Reference is of a curator featured in UK Marie Claire Nov '10)

If you've seen me in the past month,
then you probably already know that I've tried venturing into the world of drawing 
after abstaining for more than 2 years.
Why didn't I draw for so long?
Let's blame it on having a lazy ass.

I forgott that it's relaxing and one of the most productive hobbies I've ever had.
Why is it productive?
Because at the end of it, you always have an end-product 
that you can critique and admire cringe at.
 Looking back at past illustrations is always fun and interesting...
I like asking myself questions such as,
"Why has my drawing style changed?" ;
"Did I improve?" ;
"Why is does that look shit?"
and so on and so forth.

I've also found that I'm more motivated to make drawings look better
if I'm drawing someone who I know
because I feel like I have to do them justice...

presenting Miss Molester ...

(Most difficult = eyes + feet)

Sometimes after drawing something I'll feel really pleased with myself,
and then when I look back at it after an hour or so,
or in this case, after a day,
I suddenly notice all the mistakes and it drives me INSANE.

Ah well,
there's only room for improvement!

And here is Neenia...

(Most difficult = lips + legs)

P.S. Her surname isn't actually 'Molester'.

February 18, 2011

An effort to be Prim and Proper

I took a few photos a week or so ago, 
but have been too lazy to post them.
Thus, these photos have been collecting dust on my comp for the past few days.

Ahh the end of the summer holidays is drawing near 
and the time when I'll have to say goodbye is just beyond the horizon...
How poetic of me.

Despite still pursuing a BSc, I'm changing majors 
(needed to do this because I want to do an MSLT)
which means I'll have to make friends with a bunch of completely new people.
It's not that I don't like making friends 
(I love making friends and meeting new people! 
That was one of the reasons why I chose my University)
it's just that I felt so "at home" and comfortable with the friends I'd made last year.
Having to go through the same thing again is just...
so tiresome.

Ah well,
I'm bound to meet some interesting (and most likely weird) people doing Psychology, 

I'm just crossing my fingers that the people doing Psych won't be 
insanely competitive study nerds 
(surrounded by these guys last year)...

Chiedza tells me that the people doing Psych are generally better-looking as well.
Something to look forward to already!


and yes, I will study hard and not spend my time chasing after les garcons
(come on, we're talking about Trixie here!
Obviously, school is 100x is more important than boys
and having fun...
I sound like such a mother.)

This last one is blurry but there's something about it I like...

Call me a Pacifist, or naive,
but don't you hate it when your friends have profound problems or disagreements 
but there's really nothing that you can do 
because at the end of the day,
no matter how much you care about their wellbeing,
it's really none of your business?

It sucks!

February 14, 2011


This is a preview of a photo shoot I did with Aafreen Vaz
More to come as soon as I finish editing! :D


February 13, 2011

Time traveller

Trixie and I finally caught up in Wellington!
We walked around the city and found this amazing opshop!
This is the interior!

This is at some tiny sideway from Cuba street

Doesn't she look so great against that bright, red wall? :D

This guy was pretty amazing.

He was painting some very intense out-of-this-world paintings with his spray paint!

I LOVE Wellington :D

song of the moment: California King Bed by Rihanna/ Enchanted by Taylor Swift

February 12, 2011

[Trixie]Nails : Trying something new

These photos were taken more than a month ago,
but I always planned on painting my nails a 3rd pattern because...
well, a set of three always seems better than a set of two, right?
But I completely forgot.
Thus my nails have been nekked for the past month.

Ewww, old wrinkly hands.
I've convinced myself that those wrinkles mean that my hands carry the wisdom of a elderly lady.
Hmmm, deep, n'est-ce pas?

I did the first one for a Christmas party
(quite a gothic/angry design for a Christmas party!
But my dress was so happy and chirpy that I felt had to do something to my nails to tone down my look).

Sorry for not posting anything in such a long time...
been lazy. Hah.
Just tellin' it like it is.

And here's your reward for being so impatient patient!
Here are old, embarrassing photos of me being stupid.
Look, my hair was still long!

I look pregnant in this one ^.
Time to do some pilates.

my ass looks positively globe-like in this photo.

The Wellington French Film Festival started on Feb 9th.
I watched Tout Ce Qui Brille/All That Glitters with some girlfriends.
Despite having fairly good reviews, I was still fearful that it would be too girly or cliché
(look at the promo poster!).
But I was proven wrong!
Had a bunch of laugh-out-loud moments (see how I didn't write "lol")
and I even cried a little.
I'd give it a ... 6, maybe 7/10.
To give you an idea of what my standards are like,
from the top of my head I've never given a film 9 or 10/10...
I'd give Inception 8/10, but the scale was only tipped to "8"
because of the scene where the geeky guy (can't remember the his name) says, "quick, kiss me".
I don't want to reveal away the comedy of that moment, so that's all I'm sayin'.

P.S. I recommend Tangled as well.
Haven't seen a Disney film like it since (ooh dare I say it?) the 90's.
My sister and I shed quite a few tears in this one...
god, being a cry-baby must be in the genetics, right?!

[Fifi]Smooth Sailing

It's been exactly a week since my semester started.
I have to admit, Bachelor of Radiation Therapy is a small class.
small, as in 30 people exactly ;)
So, I moved into a different house on Monday, and it is great!
Antique and spacious, Just my style.
Wellington is so amazing. Full of life and character.
I feel inspired everyday by it's chilled residents and their quirky sense of style.
The city of living art, Wellington


ate butter chicken pizza for dinner that day ;)