February 12, 2011

[Trixie]Nails : Trying something new

These photos were taken more than a month ago,
but I always planned on painting my nails a 3rd pattern because...
well, a set of three always seems better than a set of two, right?
But I completely forgot.
Thus my nails have been nekked for the past month.

Ewww, old wrinkly hands.
I've convinced myself that those wrinkles mean that my hands carry the wisdom of a elderly lady.
Hmmm, deep, n'est-ce pas?

I did the first one for a Christmas party
(quite a gothic/angry design for a Christmas party!
But my dress was so happy and chirpy that I felt had to do something to my nails to tone down my look).

Sorry for not posting anything in such a long time...
been lazy. Hah.
Just tellin' it like it is.

And here's your reward for being so impatient patient!
Here are old, embarrassing photos of me being stupid.
Look, my hair was still long!

I look pregnant in this one ^.
Time to do some pilates.

my ass looks positively globe-like in this photo.

The Wellington French Film Festival started on Feb 9th.
I watched Tout Ce Qui Brille/All That Glitters with some girlfriends.
Despite having fairly good reviews, I was still fearful that it would be too girly or cliché
(look at the promo poster!).
But I was proven wrong!
Had a bunch of laugh-out-loud moments (see how I didn't write "lol")
and I even cried a little.
I'd give it a ... 6, maybe 7/10.
To give you an idea of what my standards are like,
from the top of my head I've never given a film 9 or 10/10...
I'd give Inception 8/10, but the scale was only tipped to "8"
because of the scene where the geeky guy (can't remember the his name) says, "quick, kiss me".
I don't want to reveal away the comedy of that moment, so that's all I'm sayin'.

P.S. I recommend Tangled as well.
Haven't seen a Disney film like it since (ooh dare I say it?) the 90's.
My sister and I shed quite a few tears in this one...
god, being a cry-baby must be in the genetics, right?!


  1. Tangled looks great, I totally agree. And have you seen black swan? That is epic, so scary but amazing at the same time :) & I love your stripey nails! :)

    By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog :) It's super appreciated! :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  2. haha thanks for your sweet comments! wow I love your nails <333

  3. love your nails! Tangled is such a great movie <3



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