February 28, 2011

DIY Tinkerbell Dress

Just had the first day of Uni!
Wow, what a day of useless lectures... !

There were few things that saved me from unceremoniously falling asleep today.
Let me list them!
(Because I love lists :D )

1) Craccum
This is the UoA student magazine.
I was actually giggling during my Psych lecture (really bad, I know...)
This week's issue was probably the best I've ever read (and I am a devoted collector of Craccum).
The most memorable part in this issue would have to be the guest column by David Farrier.
He's a journalist off TV3 News.
Apparently he was a student at UoA...
and tried (and failed) to get into Medicine.
Well, this goes to show you that when one door closes another one opens because this guy is a successful journalist now (and pretty fine, might I add. I have a thing for stubble + glasses *.).

The part that had me stifling my laughter?
His reference to the editors of Craccum:

"I have trust in the editors, too. I've watched Rhys' standup - he's a talented chap. 
Funny. Good-looking...
The other chap - well, I'm sure he'll do fine.
He's gotten this far as a ginge, he must be OK."

I know I shouldn't be laughing but COME ON,
that was witty at it's best!



Fi and Yass gave me this dress for my birthday last year.
I shortened it and that's what the end-product is.
However, it is so dangerously short that I can't raise my arms without flashing some unfortunate fellow.
I need to lengthen the lining...

2) A class rep said something that made me crack up
I was on the verge of pulling out Craccum when this class rep hopeful said,
"Vote for me because...
I'm small but I can do big things."

Seeing as 90% Uni students are perverted (which I am quickly learning),
there was a roar of laughter.
It was just too funny because she just stood there, awkwardly smiling,
not understanding the unintentional innuendo.
I hadn't voted for anyone in any of my other papers
(honestly, I don't care)
but her little speech was enough to make me lift my arm and vote.

3) Pervy men watching girls zumba
Was walking past the school gym and saw 4 men shamelessly peering through the window 
and watching 100 or so girls zumba.
What happened to modern-day subtlety?!

Anyway, that's was my first day of Uni in 2011 
summed up just for ya ;)

P.S. I have completed more drawings.
Will post them on Wednesday... unless Fi posts anything of hers.
Go, Fi, go!

*stubble + glasses usually only works on white guys and Hispanics (namely Diego Luna).
^ This is the condition of the hotness.

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