February 18, 2011

An effort to be Prim and Proper

I took a few photos a week or so ago, 
but have been too lazy to post them.
Thus, these photos have been collecting dust on my comp for the past few days.

Ahh the end of the summer holidays is drawing near 
and the time when I'll have to say goodbye is just beyond the horizon...
How poetic of me.

Despite still pursuing a BSc, I'm changing majors 
(needed to do this because I want to do an MSLT)
which means I'll have to make friends with a bunch of completely new people.
It's not that I don't like making friends 
(I love making friends and meeting new people! 
That was one of the reasons why I chose my University)
it's just that I felt so "at home" and comfortable with the friends I'd made last year.
Having to go through the same thing again is just...
so tiresome.

Ah well,
I'm bound to meet some interesting (and most likely weird) people doing Psychology, 

I'm just crossing my fingers that the people doing Psych won't be 
insanely competitive study nerds 
(surrounded by these guys last year)...

Chiedza tells me that the people doing Psych are generally better-looking as well.
Something to look forward to already!


and yes, I will study hard and not spend my time chasing after les garcons
(come on, we're talking about Trixie here!
Obviously, school is 100x is more important than boys
and having fun...
I sound like such a mother.)

This last one is blurry but there's something about it I like...

Call me a Pacifist, or naive,
but don't you hate it when your friends have profound problems or disagreements 
but there's really nothing that you can do 
because at the end of the day,
no matter how much you care about their wellbeing,
it's really none of your business?

It sucks!


  1. i really like your dress! i hope you feel just as at home with the new friends you'll make. i'm sure you will :) besides, it's not like you're going to lose your old friends completely :)

  2. wow very cute dress- suits you good!

    you asked me if bought my shorts in topshop... nope i didn't! actually i wrote in the title "DIY"... so they are made by ME! ;D



  3. Love this dress and you look great!!!

  4. LOVE your photo style... it's so opaque and beautiful

  5. I love this print on your dress, it's beautiful.

  6. Love these photos and that dress! Lovely!


  7. The pattern on your dress is soso pretty! I love all the colors. You look gorgeous and I love how you edited these pictures:)

  8. I love these photos!
    They look like real modeling photos from a magazine<3
    & I love ur drawings too:D


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