February 22, 2011

Pencil and Paper - it's the effort that counts, right? Part 1

Look at those beady eyes checking her out!
(Reference is of a curator featured in UK Marie Claire Nov '10)

If you've seen me in the past month,
then you probably already know that I've tried venturing into the world of drawing 
after abstaining for more than 2 years.
Why didn't I draw for so long?
Let's blame it on having a lazy ass.

I forgott that it's relaxing and one of the most productive hobbies I've ever had.
Why is it productive?
Because at the end of it, you always have an end-product 
that you can critique and admire cringe at.
 Looking back at past illustrations is always fun and interesting...
I like asking myself questions such as,
"Why has my drawing style changed?" ;
"Did I improve?" ;
"Why is does that look shit?"
and so on and so forth.

I've also found that I'm more motivated to make drawings look better
if I'm drawing someone who I know
because I feel like I have to do them justice...

presenting Miss Molester ...

(Most difficult = eyes + feet)

Sometimes after drawing something I'll feel really pleased with myself,
and then when I look back at it after an hour or so,
or in this case, after a day,
I suddenly notice all the mistakes and it drives me INSANE.

Ah well,
there's only room for improvement!

And here is Neenia...

(Most difficult = lips + legs)

P.S. Her surname isn't actually 'Molester'.


  1. FANTASTIC!! congrats! :)



  2. These are really good =)

    I think you've definately got better =)


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