December 29, 2010

[Fifi] Polka Dots

Hi, how was your Christmas? :D
Mine was reallly, really great. I hope yours was too!

Well, over the Christmas and today, I managed to take some photos of my own outfit.
I know I've been camera-shy for a while, but with a help of my cousin I managed.
 In Gisborne, they have this giant camping/let's-get-drunk festival called RHYTHM AND VINES
Well, the town has been getting pretty busy with foreign people and
I was just getting sick of short dresses and bikinis everyone was wearing.
Man, some girls just don't have any respect for their body!
So, I skipped my usual ritual of summer and chose something different.
Polka dots and Khaki things with a splash of gold.

so here we go;



I hope you guys make the most of year 2010 :D
It's almost the end of the decade :)

December 23, 2010

[Fifi] CL& Jeremy Scott in Harper's Bazaar

This girl has some sort of ability to pull off some very difficult outfits

CL+ Jeremy Scott in Harper's Bazaar Korea

Ah, love Jeremy Scott's expression there ;)

December 21, 2010

[Trixie] Elle Fanning in Interview magazine

She's only 12 and so cute! 
Her dress ^ is so pretty.

It's unfortunate but I used to be really judgemental and had the tendency to see the worst in people.
However, I have been trying to change this 
and I noticed that moving to Auckland made me nicer, more open-minded and definitely less bitchy.

About the "less bitchy" thing, I know that I have become a nicer person because
once I was doing an online quiz for my General Education paper, International Business,
and was telling my classmates about how at school I used to bitch about people
and how looking back now, I feel horrible about it.
They all looked at me, dumbstruck, and said, "You? Bitchy?! I can't imagine it!"
I was so shocked! 
I mean, at first I didn't believe them because friends are supposed to say nice things to you but
3/4 of them were guys and everyone knows that guys are brutally honest,
so I took their doubt as genuinely believing that I was never a bitchy person.
It made me feel good :)

And no, I wasn't a super bitch or anything!
It's just... let's just say that people call WGC girls bitchy for a reason.

Anyway, before I started digressing I wanted to say that I have faith in Elle Fanning.
I have faith that she will be a respected and successful actress.
(Mostly because I don't want another Lindsay Lohan trainwreck!)

P.S. Is it wrong of me to say that I base my faith on the fact that her clothes in this photoshoot are really nice?
Meh. Je m'en fou :P

December 18, 2010

[Fifi] From me, to me

Are you guys getting great Christmas presents yet? :D
I can't believe we're only a week away from Christmas!
I have a little tradition of my own.
I buy myself a present; From me, To me
This year, my bank balance has been quite unhealthy, so I'm going pretty cheap.

$20 eyeshadow palette from
so much choice and free shipping to anywhere in the world :D

so.. I got bored.. and tried some on for work ;)

woah.. I look really pale and white-


Oh, you know how I said I'm knitting?
well I'm knitting like mad and finished couple of berets, and this is one of them
hahah I suck and I know!

Well, I hope you guys have fun over the next week and get heaps of presents!!! :D

December 16, 2010

[Trixie] Black Noise

One of my closest friends from Wellington, 

I've been looking for a creme blouse like her black one for ages now...
and have yet to succeed :(

She does a Bachelors in Design Innovation and will one day be designing my furniture.

I want big, gold, tacky Victorian-style furniture to suit my big, gold, tacky Victorian-style house, Memils.
Should probs let ya know in advance...

This photo ^ makes me so happy.
Words are not enough...
but let me try -


Oh my gahd, is that the time?!
Do you get it?
No? Okay, I don't get it either... 

I need to sleep because I have work tomorrow morning.

Wait, did you catch that?
I said that I have WORK!
Meaning I have a job.
In retail.
I am really lucky.
And thankful!

I guess this blessing balances out the whole "fainting and chipping my front tooth" incident...
Yeah, let's be optimistic here.

I will explain this all in detail in a later post because right now I have to go to sleep
in order to be fully rested for work.
Work... work... equals moolah. 
Mmmm money... that will be used for tertiary study.
Ah well, that's life.

(P.S. Ching, thanks for believing in meh about the retail thing ;P)

December 14, 2010

[Fifi] The LBD

Ever since I opend my eyes for fashion, i've been looking for MY LBD
Black is flattering in every skin tone and sizes.
My definition of a perfect Little Black Dress is simple, elegant and easy to accesorise.
I don't like big, giant ruffles and thingies....
But then again, anything is better than nothing!!

I found one at Glassons in Napier the other weekend, and unfortuantely I didn't purchase it.
:( I really liked it, but it just didn't hang perfectly on my waist, but I regret not buying it...
hmmmm, damn you, low bank account balance!!!

haha, I don't know if you guys do this too,
but I always end up taking photos of myself in the changing room.
Well, mostly because I shop with my cousin and she's also busy trying on stuff.
So we exchange opinions when we get out of the changing room! ;)

How's everyone's December going? It's Christmas soon!
I am knitting my way through this dull holiday.
I'll post those up later on, but I must warn that I suck-

I'm going to find myself a perfect LBD eventually!!!!

December 09, 2010

[Trixie] A flattering Maxi

Botanical Gardens in Wellington, NZ.

Here we're lying in the sun beside the Shell Sound.

My hair was very close to looking like Willy Wonka's (the Johnny Depp one) today.
Thankfully it turned out fine...
Wait, the more I look at it, the more I think I look like a Polynesian Willy Wonka.

And no, I'm not Polynesian.

(Sorry Lisa! The one photo I took of you is blurry! 
I'm really bad at using cameras...)

 I have a pet peeve against Maxi dresses.
1) I'm too short to wear them and a little too thick so I end up looking like a fat tulip.
2) They make you look pregnant.
But one of my friend's managed to find one in Dotti that has a nice fitted bodice
and it doesn't make you look pregnant!
The pattern on the skirt is nice too.

Btw, isn't her hair really pretty and curly?

The dress really accentuates her figure!
Doesn't make her look pregnant at all! 
Ahhh then again, I guess it helps that she really has a nice figure -
with or without the dress.

Btw, my internet sucks at the moment.
Broadband won't pick up until the 13th... it sucks.
It can barely load this blog, let alone other blogs that we follow!