September 30, 2010

[Trixie] Birthday!

It's my birthday today!

Yass and Fi gave me these Lilies.
They're so fragrant that when I was walking about a convenience store,
the cashier commented on how beautiful they smelled.
When I told her it was my birthday 
and that the flowers were given to me by some friends,
she wished me a "happy birthday, and have a great day!"
Ok ok, maybe she was only being polite seeing as I was buying lollies from her,
but still,
it was a nice :) 

And then they lady who sat beside me on the bus looked at me and said,
"Is it your birthday?"
"Yeah, it is. How did you know?"
"Your flowers," she nodded to my lilies, "Happy Birthday!"

The world is filled with nice people!

Oh, and a friend called me while I was putting product in my hair.
(I use this Schwarzkopf Liquid Silk Gloss Leave-In Treatment that has little glittery things in it,
it sounds really pre-teen and stupid but the glitter is really subtle. 
It only shows in the light but it looks so nice!)
When I answered my phone, all I was greet with was...
"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Patty...
Happy Birthday to you!"
It was only after the second "happy birthday" that I realised that this wasn't a creepo 
who had been stalking me, 
but was, in fact, one of my best friends 
(who also happens to be one of the most unstable, most insane person I've ever met).

OH and two good friends sent me parcels that conveniently arrived today!
(How did you guys plan that?!)
One sent me Lush goodies that smell divine,
and the other sent me study resources (thank you! My highlighters started dying last week :( ) and fudge 
(something I can scoff down in between study sessions HEEHEE)

Yass & co. also got me this dress that I wanted 
(something Fi posted earlier... it wasn't really a surprise but I don't care, I love the dress!).


I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends :D

I wasn't really keen on celebrating my birthday...
19 doesn't seem like much of a milestone, right?
But after today...
I'm so ready to make my last teenage year the best of my life 
(yes, that was cheesy, but I'm in a JOLLY GOOD MOOD so just deal).

P.S. Yeah there are bags under my eyes, especially in the first photo.
I haven't been sleeping well lately and pushing myself too thin.
But today is my birthday
SO - !
Tonight is for relaxing, sewing and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.
^ Yes, that is my idea of a party-time.

September 28, 2010

[Fifi] Make it shine

No other description, just that should suffice.
The view from my window :)

This is Trixie's dress. so pretty and cute!
This defines  'summer'

When you style it up.... 

 This is just my nail polish collection ;)
Rainbow much?

Oh, this is just MY FACE, Don't worry too much about it. 

September 24, 2010

[Trixie] Market skirt and white wedges

Skirt was bought in the markets in England, I think :)

By the way,
this person in the photos is neither Fi nor I

It's my sister.
Yes, we look nothing alike.
And no, neither of us are adopted.

The white wedges are my aunt's :)

I can't wear sandals that barely cover your foot because I have wide feet :(

So jealous of people with nice, skinny feet ... !

The skirt is so pretty!

I can imagine wearing something like this 
while walking under the sun somewhere in the Mediterranean...
oooh... ahhhh...

The singlet is my sister's too.

I'm watching Crime Investigation Channel.

Is it a bad thing when one is obsessed with murder programmes?


On another more superficial note - !
Just got the first episode of season 4 of Gossip Girl off Sass!

I'm about to watch it...


September 23, 2010

[Trixie] I need glasses

I'm so gutted that I need glasses :(

Someone actually said to me,
"You can get contacts instead.
I know that you wouldn't want glasses because you're quite...
uhh... no offence but, you're vain."


Oh well, not much I can do about it really.
Hope your day went well :)

September 22, 2010

[Fifi] In The Summer Time

I guess everyone in New Zealand can't wait till
the summer heat stroke hits the shore.
I won't say I defy these wishes,
because I can't wait to feel the Gisborne summer breeze ASAP.
Currently, Auckland is SHXT.
It's windy, haily, rainy and sunny all in one day,
perhaps interchanging every 5 mins.
And NO, I'm not joking.

Summer is approaching. Fast, I hope.
Must Have items? A dress, a Cardigan, and an AWESOME Sunnies

Have a good one :)

September 19, 2010

[Trixie] Le temps in the super city

I think that this summer, 
I am going to be quite taken will be taken with hats.

They're just so much fun! 
I want an extensive hat collection :D

I'm so excited for the summer!
I'm flippin' tired of this stupid, unpredictable spring weather.
The weather transforms from sunny to dangerously rainy thrice a day.
Needless to say, 
it's driving EVERYONE insane.

Planning weather-appropriate outfits in the mornings is such a pain too!

"Should I wear those shoes?
... Nah, they're made of cloth. If it rains my feet will get soaked.
But if I wear those boots and it ends up being sunny later,
my feet will get so hot and gross..."

And that's just the shoes >:(

Sorry, this is something really trivial and stupid to complain about 
but it is NOT FUN walking around the campus in soaked shoes/sweaty feet.


September 18, 2010

[Trixie] Monki Vol 1

This magazine looks promising.
It's quite new and the first volume was released just a few months ago.

But I don't think they sell it in NZ.

Actually, I have no idea where they sell it.

The photospreads/illustrations are really cool,
aren't they?

Fi and I were talking about how we both prefer nice, chunky heels over

What do you think?

I never liked stilettos...
they have this "whore-ish" feel about them.

And if you like stilettos
uhhh hmmm.

[Trixie] Vogue

I want a trench coat like this,
but alas,
I'm too short and none of them fit me properly :(

September 16, 2010

[Trixie] Schoolboy

So cuuute !

 ewwwww !
(but I like his shirt)

Didn't post for a while because I had to study intensely for a medsci test,
which Fifi and I just had tonight.

Now we've only got the exam that's worth 60% to worry about


September 12, 2010

[Trixie] Love Pikachu

Did this make your day?

If not, 
I hope this does...

What the flip, 


The more I look at it, 
the funnier it gets.

September 10, 2010

[Trixie] Oh yeah, I'm a musician... uhh no, not really.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photos

Do you remember when I posted some photos wearing
this pink chiffon top?
But I hadn't taken any close-up photos so I promised to post some later?

Well, here it is!

And no, I cannot play the guitar.
See how I'm poking the strings instead of holding them down?

I think I mentioned this jacket before...

I love this jacket :D

Too bad it's white...
I get paranoid every time I wear 0_0

If I haven't already said it-
I am still in love with those boots ;)

September 09, 2010

[Trixie] Goodbye holidays

She's not really studying but
her fatigued 'aura' represents how I'm feeling
I don't want the holidays to end :(

I finished that essay a couple days ago.
Are you proud of me?!

Research and referencing was such a right bitch though!

[Trixie] Derzeit Vol 3

She kind of looks ridiculous in a tight leather outfit
at the beach.

And now,
the picture which is currently my desktop wallpaper...

Isn't it beautiful?

September 08, 2010

[Trixie] Pride and Prejudice

Just re-watched Pride and Prejudice,
the one with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

Watching this movie turned me into a blubbering mess!
The cinematography was amazing
and the acting was soooo good.

And not to mention how Darcy looked with wet hair.

Keira Knightley is so beautiful in this film!

I also couldn't stop admiring Mr Bingley's hair...
so fluffy and perfectly coiffed.

Above is the first time he declares his love for her.
The first time, I say?
Well, this guy is PERFECT.
He ran in the pouring rain to find her and tell her how he felt.

"I ask you to end my agony.
I love you! 
Most ardently."

Maybe it's the way his voice chokes,
or how he's looking at her with such luscious blue orbs under half-lidded eyes,
or how his brow is furrowed in such a vulnerable manner,
or how his chest is heaving just a little bit from running all over just to find her
(woah... I could write cheap romance novels)
but argh!
Even if he did insult her right before his confession,
("I fought against my better judgement, my family's expectations,
the inferiority of your birth, my rank but I am willing to put these things aside...")
come on Lizzie!
Accept the man's hand in marriage!

you should have seen my tween cousin and I while we were watching this film.
We were pretty much holding out breath every time Darcy and Elizabeth interacted.

Do you remember the scene where he helps her up onto the carriage?

My heart skipped a beat ("when I see her on the street and... !" 
^ you'd get it if you knew Luda's rhyme in "Baby" by Bieber)
 because he was so forward when to touch her hand!
I guess if you haven't seen this movie, 
or aren't aware of what society was like in the 18th century,
you would think that I was making a big deal out of nothing, right?

But back then, men and women never touched.
It was only acceptable if you were dancing
OR if you were already wed.

At this point she still loathes Mr Darcy and has no idea that he's in love with her.
So you can imagine the surprise on Elizabeth's face when Mr Darcy holds her hand
(which by the way is tiiiiny! Or maybe his hand is huge?)
to help her onto the carriage.

It lasts for only a split second but holy shiz,
I gasped and my eyes bugged out.

Especially at the end when he says weakly,
"You have bewitched me, body and soul...
And I love...
I love...
I love you."

But I think I like the BBC version better,
the one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle,
as it was a tv serial therefore they didn't chop out characters 
or parts of the plot.

(Why is the BBC version so expensive?!
... I'm too poor :( )

For example, in the BBC version
there was one scene where Mr Darcy goes for a swim in his lake
(dat's right, the man owns his own lake)
and then while he's walking back to Pemberley
he crosses paths with Elizabeth.

why do I have a guys-with-wet-hair-and-clothes complex?

He's just so CUTE!!!
Not to mention their awkward conversation afterwards
to put it bluntly,
she was basically caught taking a tour of his house
 right after she had just refused his declaration of love!

Pretty embarrassing for her part, right?

Their clumsy conversation was so uncomfortable
it was also one of my favourite scenes
because it was the first time you see Mr Darcy doing something other than
frowning or scowling.
And look at his face!
So cute!

This is when he's admiring Elizabeth playing the piano.

Just realised that this has probably been my longest post EVER,
and it had nothing to do with fashion.