September 03, 2010

[Trixie] Last winter outfit, promise!

A few weeks ago,
while flipping through my wardrobe and becoming infuriated at how boring all my clothes have become
(not that clothes can physically become boring... more like,
I'm now extremely bored with all my clothes 0_0 ) ,
I suddenly noticed that  this winter my clothes have been mostly black or grey.

I used to wear so many colours!

I have a friend,
"Lisassination"* ,
who used to complain to me about how all her clothes were grey or black.

I honestly think that I have more black and grey clothes than you now :S

I love these tights!

I love the look on people's faces when they realise that the back is grey.
"Woah! But, but, but they look like normal black tights from the front!"

My sister gave me that pink leopard print raincoat.
She bought it from New Look in England.
She also bought me that suede jacket.

Have I mentioned how cool my sister is? :D

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  1. wow awesome tights!! great outfit too <3 yep and im loving your shoes hehe :)


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