September 30, 2010

[Trixie] Birthday!

It's my birthday today!

Yass and Fi gave me these Lilies.
They're so fragrant that when I was walking about a convenience store,
the cashier commented on how beautiful they smelled.
When I told her it was my birthday 
and that the flowers were given to me by some friends,
she wished me a "happy birthday, and have a great day!"
Ok ok, maybe she was only being polite seeing as I was buying lollies from her,
but still,
it was a nice :) 

And then they lady who sat beside me on the bus looked at me and said,
"Is it your birthday?"
"Yeah, it is. How did you know?"
"Your flowers," she nodded to my lilies, "Happy Birthday!"

The world is filled with nice people!

Oh, and a friend called me while I was putting product in my hair.
(I use this Schwarzkopf Liquid Silk Gloss Leave-In Treatment that has little glittery things in it,
it sounds really pre-teen and stupid but the glitter is really subtle. 
It only shows in the light but it looks so nice!)
When I answered my phone, all I was greet with was...
"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Patty...
Happy Birthday to you!"
It was only after the second "happy birthday" that I realised that this wasn't a creepo 
who had been stalking me, 
but was, in fact, one of my best friends 
(who also happens to be one of the most unstable, most insane person I've ever met).

OH and two good friends sent me parcels that conveniently arrived today!
(How did you guys plan that?!)
One sent me Lush goodies that smell divine,
and the other sent me study resources (thank you! My highlighters started dying last week :( ) and fudge 
(something I can scoff down in between study sessions HEEHEE)

Yass & co. also got me this dress that I wanted 
(something Fi posted earlier... it wasn't really a surprise but I don't care, I love the dress!).


I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends :D

I wasn't really keen on celebrating my birthday...
19 doesn't seem like much of a milestone, right?
But after today...
I'm so ready to make my last teenage year the best of my life 
(yes, that was cheesy, but I'm in a JOLLY GOOD MOOD so just deal).

P.S. Yeah there are bags under my eyes, especially in the first photo.
I haven't been sleeping well lately and pushing myself too thin.
But today is my birthday
SO - !
Tonight is for relaxing, sewing and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.
^ Yes, that is my idea of a party-time.


  1. Great attitude - make sure you make the most of your teen years!

    Happy birthday hunny, enjoy!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, would love you to follow.

    Robbie xox

  2. This may be a little late but Happy Birthday!

    Just found blog today, love!



  3. happy 19th birthday my dear! :D
    thanks so much for topping by my blog.
    since when did you move to NZ, nice to hear that you're a pinoy too? wee

    ps. where's the follow button on your blog?haha
    i'll bookmark your blog for the meantime.

  4. you spelled it right..haha KAIN NA! :D
    how's the weather in NZ? is it awesome? coz it's still so hot here in the Phili. darn global warming!lol

    may i ask, are you and Fifi sisters? did you guys start this blog?


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