September 06, 2010

[Fifi] Personal favourites

'Distracted', would that be a good word to describe myself right now?
I think it's more like, 'out of it'
I can see that Trixie has been all the jobs in the blog while my lazy ass never leaves the bedroom.
It's the break, the study break, which means  you don't get away from studying, but it's made FOR studying.
I have a test on Wednesday next week, I think Trixie does too.
I don't know all the cardio or reproductive systems, and I'm kinda panicing?
I'm not too sure how I feel right now, i wish the time would just halt for a while.
That would give me some room to breathe, and not worry about anything.

Enough with my chit-chat, especially the depressing ones.
I'm gonna move on now.
So it's 10.15 pm and I broke one of me keypad buttons,yay
I think I fixed it. HA!
I'll just stop using the zero button :)

I like different styles and genre,
I don't care if it's music, fashion or make up.
Experiment and creation is the only way.
There is NO right answer.
So I'll never stop trying.

I've always wanted to be pretty in pink.
Love the lipstick, and the eyes
Gotta love yourselves ladies.
You're the only one you've got,
Love it and Treasure it,
Because you're worth it ;)

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