April 29, 2010

April 27, 2010

[Fifi] Block colour

Haha, felt like being ridiculously bright!

I know my face is hard to bear, but aw well.

Listen to Karina- Slow Motion.
it's such a beautiful song.

April 25, 2010

[Trixie] Floral tights and zip belts... what the flip?!

Yeah, yeah...
I should be studying for the test that Fifi, Yass and I have on Monday.
But reading over the 101 stuff, is so boring - we learnt most of it last year and the year before!
I know, I know, you can never study 'too much'...
And my cockiness isn't going to get me anywhere, is it?
I will study RIGHT AFTER this post then.
Oh, I actually took these photos yesterday at around 6pm with the intention of uploading them next week when I didn't have anything else to show.
Buuuuut, I changed my mind.
Hope you like it :D

I love these boots!
They make me feel... empowered! Hahahaha
I am really short, so those heels boost my self-esteem by truckloads.
And then the buckles on the sides make me feel like a biker chick.

I hope this next one makes you laugh....



Remember to stay beautiful my chiquitittas ~

April 24, 2010

[Fifi] Lessons to be learnt

it is currently 8.25pm, saturday, 24th of April 2010
BIO 101 test on monday, and surprisingly I am BORED.
so Fi decideds to play with some of the photos and upload them. :)

I believe some Julius Caeser said;
translated, " I came, I saw, I conquered."

Isn't this how life is suppose to be?

Just a wee bonus, hahaha not artistic at all. I was just bored. :)

April 23, 2010

[Fifi] Introducing Sasserz!

This is Sasserz! She's my podmate and yay she wants to help out with FifiTrixie's blog :)
Outfit for autumn?
Cute right? :)

[Trixie] TRES cute!

[Trixie] Yass has such a nice smile, right?



 very princessy, but then again so elagant and powerful. the necklace is the statement, the dress is the clean canvas with style.

 Tiering sequence is interesting, they seem asymetrical but in a big picture they look flawlessly in tune.

something very fishy about this dress, the sequins looks a bit like fish scales, but then again smooth stones on the beach :) soothing, calm and earthy toned dress with a twist on the shoulder.


I know why they call this a resort collection, it's so down-to-earth, but super stylish.I love the shoes as well.


Clean tayloring, almost reminds me of the movie 'easy virtue' but with a  modern twist to it.
Earthy, figure-hugging and chic

I just really liked the shape, this flatters every body figure. sleeves long enough to cover some arms, creates waistline, and nice scoop neckline.
Everygirls' must haves

the pattern reminded me of two things. 1)Lizzard and 2)log/wood pattern
I like this, there is an organic and natural feeling to this statement-making dress.

I guess I am a lace-loving gal. Something very sensual and chic about  lacey stuff.
It's revealing but just enough to make yourself seem sophisticated. :)


It's heading into winter over here and it's nice to have some good quality coat to where with EVERYTHING
theme: school girl with her lunch box?
Absolutely adorable

April 21, 2010

[Trixie] A. McQueen Fall 2010 Shoes

Your eyes will go like this --> 0_0 <-- when you have a look at McQueen's last Shoe and Handbag Collection: Angels and Demons.
There's now a big, empty hole in the fashion industry :(

The wings remind of Cardcaptors ;P

The one on the right is amaazingggg 

 The amount of work, precision, effort that went into making these shoes is mind-boggling...
my mind is officially boggled.

BOGGLE ! Who still has that game ??? Let us drink some green tea and have a boggle partayyy ! I hope you have the English version though, I don't know Klingon :S *reference to Big Bang Theory*

Oh, just wanted to say that Fifi and I won't be posting anything for a week from today.
We have 2 BioSci tests coming up and we'd rather exert our energy studying for them than posting on this blog :P

Ah well.
Good things are always worth the wait, right? :P
She's [*ahem* me] so cheeky isn't she? She's also very cayooot like a little sheep-pig.

It's not actually a hybrid though (ie. a cross between a pig and a sheep), it's just a species of pig SO DON'T GO TRYING TO MAKE SHEEP-PIG BABIES YOU CRAZYS. "Mangalitza" = real name.

Oh, listen to 'Hey Daddy' by Usher. 
But listen to it anyway, the beat so addictive ;D
Stay smokin' my lovahhhhs.

(Ah non! Proof-reading all of this made me realise that I am indeed a nerd D;
... "Cardcaptors" ... "Klingon" ...  )

April 16, 2010

[Trixie] Keeping it blanco y puro

First of all, I want to say merci, danke, gracias, salamat, arigatou, xiexie... thank you in every language to everyone who has been giving the nicest, most heart-warming compliments about this blog :) 

I bought this white blouse just yesterday, it's from Hero - somewhere where no one really shops (their clothes aren't the best... I hope no one is a Hero-lover here... OH, listen to 'Holding Out For A Hero' by Frou Frou. Imogen Heaps voice is sooooo nice and the song is so catchy and ... empowering... ? Strange how I use that adjective considering the title of the song... heh :P ) but I walked past it sometime last week, tried it on.... and couldn't decide whether or not to get it.

It's not everyone's 'cup of tea' (which reminds me, try lemon and mandarin green tea, it's delicious ! Mmmmm...), maybe a bit too 'nanny-like' or 'old-looking' but I really, really love it.

Now, my sexy beasts, why don't we try a bit of black and white?

I kind of resemble a teapot^, right? ;P But I was clicking my wrist here. Something that I have a habit of doing... haaaa
I also click my toes. Regularly.

And a close-up of the details on the front for all my shawtys out there.

Btw, I'm actually not that dark ! I just amplified the contrast so that the details are clearer  ^^
Aren't I nice? I made the photo HD for my loveleeeeez ;D

Oh, funny story! 
My 14-year-old cousin has a fringe longer than mine. Actually, he never puts the blow-dryer back in the bathroom !!! I always have to go to his room and get it from there, on top of the straightener. What a girl.
When he pulls his fringe up away from his eyes, he calls it his "HD vision".

Oh, and I kind of feel like I'm a part of a practical joke right now because my doctor here in Auckland was grilling me about what type of music I like, what I studied, if I had facebook, if I had a boyfriend (?!?!?!)... and even took a photo of me from his cellphone because he wants to set me up with his son 0_0 
When he was taking the photo I was going hysterical with laughter because I was so embarrassed.
How do politely I tell him that I'm not interested without offending him and his son ?! Wait, now that I think about it... wouldn't his son would be more embarrassed ?!

My aunt was telling me how I should be flattered but COME ON WHAT IS THIS ?! AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ?! She was even saying how "lucky I am that my father-in-law is a doctor". Yes, she was joking but...


April 14, 2010

[Fifi] Pre-test exhaustion

I am truly sorry Trixie, I'm undergoing pre-test exhausion where I just simply cannot do anything except sulk.
Well, well, I got my pophealth result back and not happy about it. It's actually motivating me to study lol
haha, med-entry away it goes!
Anyway, I took these photos ages ago.
I got to run and do some work, unless I wanna fail severely.

[Trixie] Ziiiiip Dress from BAYO in Fili

Oh my gahd, I'm absolutely dominating this blog !!! 
This is because Fifi has been hard at work studying ( ie. watching youtube videos about make-up application techniques bahaha doing BioSci107 Embryology Revision) , and this blog is like my "study break" when I'm not trying to memorise shit about muscle tissues.

A lot of you have actually already seen this dress, but I'll put it up anyway because I love it

" But you're untouchable burning brighter than the sun
Now that you're close
I feel like coming undone "

Here's the website to BAYO. Their clothes are simply awesome.

Can you see the bruise on my right leg? ^ That's from sitting with my knees under my chin, shins against my desk (^_^)"
These study bruises better be worth it.

I don't wear this dress very often because the tiered zip skirt is so DAMN PAINFUL. As in, it's really sharp and so I have to walk with my arms sticking out of my body 0_0
I was thinking that I could wear this dress clubbing so that sleazy creepos who try to touch me and dance close to me get wounded and bleed. Good plan, yes?

The green cardigan has lace details on the front but you can't really see them... woops :P I'll post up photos of it next time... hmm mmm ! (said like a black woman).

I'm really getting sick of those tan heels. CAN'T WAIT FOR MY MOTHER TO COME VISIT WITH MY SHOOOOZZZZ ;D

Want to see something FUNNAYYY?

Okay, I must study now :(


If you're looking for new music, get 'Untouchable' by Taylor Swift. It's really girly but it's so nice :) It makes me feel all fluffy and girly 
(the lyrics from earlier are from that song)

April 13, 2010

[Trixie] Purple Shmurple! "double oh my, licensed to THRILL"

 Ended up posting this about 5 minutes later because I realised that I desperately need to do my study shift for today. ARGH.

I'm sad that I left all my shoes back home :( 
Ah well. I'll get my mother to bring them all when she visits in a couple of weeks.
Yay !

[Trixie] Summer lovin' and Winter cuddlin' (if you have a special someone)

 ... which I don't D;WAHHH

AH WELL. Just means that I'm too good for everyone ...


Anyway, after watching the Lizzie Maguire movie for the 112th time last night (I should be embarrassed to admit this, right?), and sending links of this blog to all my peeps, I decided that I would shoot another outfit today.

I'm getting more comfortable in front of the camera, and my cousin is really improving in getting the best shots  (in between my laughing and dancing haha!) but I still need more practice, I think ...
Oh, and my friend ^ said that I "should stop dissing [myself]" in these posts 
so I've gone and edited out all the self-hating comments from all the previous posts :)

Attempt at looking 'serious', but I ended up looking laughable .... *snort* (<-- which reminds me, LISA remember when I snorted during the film Comme Les Autres? Yeah, that French couple beside us couldn't stop giggling at me ... )

Hmm... seeing as winter's coming, I would probably wear this with tights.
That bag is my school bag ;D
I love that dress - the rich purple colour is really beautiful ^^

The shell necklace is from my friend ^

AHA! I will make a 'winter' version of this outfit ;D
*runs off to take more photos*


DONE ! Here they are :
I think this was when the elderly neighbour walked out.
He looked confused.


I'll put the "dressed up" version of this dress in another post ;D