April 09, 2010

[Trixie] Birth of our Blog Baby

First post! Eeeep! So excited!!!

So how did this blog come about?
It was a spontaneous idea that arose from an unsuccessful night out. Heh.

It all started with the foam party...
I had planned on going to a foam party organised by the University. Was so damn excited (!!!) because for the last month since I'd moved to this 'super city', I hadn't been out at all. No parties (not that I went to a lot) and no clubbing (I'd only been once before)... except now I'm a Uni student! I'm not about to take hard drugs or conceive a child but we should be living the life !!! And tonight I FINALLY had a chance to go out, party, GET WET AND HAVE FUN! (Sexual innuendo HEEHEE ).

But I left my passport at home -_-" No form of idenfication on me led me to use my KOREAN friend's, Fifi's, drivers licence. Which didn't work. The bouncer seemed so amused and even smiled a little when he said, "sorry, this isn't you". Instead of saying indignantly "What?! I'm Hwon! HWON I TELL YOU" I just nodded and sighed, "... yeah. Ok" and waved at my newly made friends in the hall (who had already been let in because THEY USED THEIR OWN IDs) sheepishly. They came out and a couple of them had to walk me back to the hostel where I was staying for the night. You should have seen the bouncers faces... ! Wait, you should have seen MY face !

Words can't explain how mortified, embarrassed and shamed I was 0_0 I'd just met the two who walked me back (Very nice and cool people ^^ ) and I was already imposing on their fun night out by having them walk me back to the hostel.

That night, after slurping (noisily) through a bowl of bland noodles (thanks Fifi! ;P ) and watching the trailer of The Rebound on Youtube (which actually looks very good... ;P ), we spontaneously decided to make a blog about our love for fashion.

This blog was born yesterday, on the 8th of April, 2010. Fifi and Trixie's baby ^^

P.S. Was just told by a (beautiful) friend ^ that you wake up the next day with a rash from foam parties 0_0 Maybe it really wasn't meant to be then ...

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  1. so this is how it all went down with the party and with the blog. haha no worries, there'll be more parties to attend for sure (minus the rashes..lol)

    and you're both premeds who loves fashion.. beauty and brains. love you guys already. :D


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