April 25, 2010

[Trixie] Floral tights and zip belts... what the flip?!

Yeah, yeah...
I should be studying for the test that Fifi, Yass and I have on Monday.
But reading over the 101 stuff, is so boring - we learnt most of it last year and the year before!
I know, I know, you can never study 'too much'...
And my cockiness isn't going to get me anywhere, is it?
I will study RIGHT AFTER this post then.
Oh, I actually took these photos yesterday at around 6pm with the intention of uploading them next week when I didn't have anything else to show.
Buuuuut, I changed my mind.
Hope you like it :D

I love these boots!
They make me feel... empowered! Hahahaha
I am really short, so those heels boost my self-esteem by truckloads.
And then the buckles on the sides make me feel like a biker chick.

I hope this next one makes you laugh....



Remember to stay beautiful my chiquitittas ~

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