April 14, 2010

[Trixie] Ziiiiip Dress from BAYO in Fili

Oh my gahd, I'm absolutely dominating this blog !!! 
This is because Fifi has been hard at work studying ( ie. watching youtube videos about make-up application techniques bahaha doing BioSci107 Embryology Revision) , and this blog is like my "study break" when I'm not trying to memorise shit about muscle tissues.

A lot of you have actually already seen this dress, but I'll put it up anyway because I love it

" But you're untouchable burning brighter than the sun
Now that you're close
I feel like coming undone "

Here's the website to BAYO. Their clothes are simply awesome.

Can you see the bruise on my right leg? ^ That's from sitting with my knees under my chin, shins against my desk (^_^)"
These study bruises better be worth it.

I don't wear this dress very often because the tiered zip skirt is so DAMN PAINFUL. As in, it's really sharp and so I have to walk with my arms sticking out of my body 0_0
I was thinking that I could wear this dress clubbing so that sleazy creepos who try to touch me and dance close to me get wounded and bleed. Good plan, yes?

The green cardigan has lace details on the front but you can't really see them... woops :P I'll post up photos of it next time... hmm mmm ! (said like a black woman).

I'm really getting sick of those tan heels. CAN'T WAIT FOR MY MOTHER TO COME VISIT WITH MY SHOOOOZZZZ ;D

Want to see something FUNNAYYY?

Okay, I must study now :(


If you're looking for new music, get 'Untouchable' by Taylor Swift. It's really girly but it's so nice :) It makes me feel all fluffy and girly 
(the lyrics from earlier are from that song)


  1. i actually bought the same heels as yours but only in black. :) love it!

    by the way, that dress is stunning! bet a lot of your friends want to steal it from you? jokes. hehe. :)

  2. I've actually been getting lots of compliments about it! And the heels and... pretty much everything I bought from Fili! They all want me to take them there one day :D


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