April 09, 2010

[Fifi] Starter

I've always wanted to have my own fashion blog ever since I discovered blogging and fashion.
I guess I was never bold or diligent enough to start  it years ago.
Fifi is 18 and 10 months old, 5 foot 3, university student.
I am so grateful that the government pays for my tuition fees and all, so I am obviously poor!

For me fashion is not a trend but style that you create and interpret in a way that suits you the best.
No need to buy the stuff on the shop window. Look in the rack, find YOUR thing.

I met Trixie at uni, only have known her for 5 weeks and we get along so well !!!! :)

Went shopping today to Dress-smart in Onehunga.
It took us a while to figure out the bus route and so on, but we got there eventually.

Loved it, grabbed some bargains and will upload them soon.

[Trixie] Ah we forgot to take photos of my top close-up! There are cool tassels on the shoulders and an interesting navy print on the front. I bought it in the Philippines from MANGO, which is actually a Spanish chain store (I think?). The shoes are from Manels in Fili, an international leather goods chain shop. These shoes are my favourite ^^ We'll be seeing a lot of those in this blog heehee

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