April 21, 2010

[Trixie] A. McQueen Fall 2010 Shoes

Your eyes will go like this --> 0_0 <-- when you have a look at McQueen's last Shoe and Handbag Collection: Angels and Demons.
There's now a big, empty hole in the fashion industry :(

The wings remind of Cardcaptors ;P

The one on the right is amaazingggg 

 The amount of work, precision, effort that went into making these shoes is mind-boggling...
my mind is officially boggled.

BOGGLE ! Who still has that game ??? Let us drink some green tea and have a boggle partayyy ! I hope you have the English version though, I don't know Klingon :S *reference to Big Bang Theory*

Oh, just wanted to say that Fifi and I won't be posting anything for a week from today.
We have 2 BioSci tests coming up and we'd rather exert our energy studying for them than posting on this blog :P

Ah well.
Good things are always worth the wait, right? :P
She's [*ahem* me] so cheeky isn't she? She's also very cayooot like a little sheep-pig.

It's not actually a hybrid though (ie. a cross between a pig and a sheep), it's just a species of pig SO DON'T GO TRYING TO MAKE SHEEP-PIG BABIES YOU CRAZYS. "Mangalitza" = real name.

Oh, listen to 'Hey Daddy' by Usher. 
But listen to it anyway, the beat so addictive ;D
Stay smokin' my lovahhhhs.

(Ah non! Proof-reading all of this made me realise that I am indeed a nerd D;
... "Cardcaptors" ... "Klingon" ...  )

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