January 31, 2012

Date look

since I'm going to be alone on Valentines day, 
I'm going out for a nice dinner with my friend :D
yay for all the solos out there

January 25, 2012

Rose sunset at Thornton Bay

Went up north with a couple of friends and their families.

Went to the beach everyday, saw some beautiful sunsets 
(when it wasn't cloudy and cold... typical NZ summer),
played tennis, played pictionary & scrabble, made 834 paper cranes (to send to Hiroshima), 
watched Melancholia and TinTin, ate copious amounts of chocolate,
got some extreme tan lines, made a fortified sand castle, 
walked on the beach until it was nearly pitch black, went fishing,
drew a little, read Mockingjay and Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest, 
played dance central...

I will post photos of the holiday in it's entirety soon.
But for now, here are photos taken at Thornton Bay, Thames.
The sunset was this really light, soft pink. 
Thought it appropriate to wear my new peach shirtdress from ASOS hehe

And below is my friend, the photographer.
I think the photos turned out well because of her!
She can take some mean photos, that one ;)
She invited me to this holiday with her fam, too, so I owe her big time. 
Big, big time.

Dream a little dream

These days, I'm so exhausted working 40hrs a week.
It's my first time doing so, and it isn't easy adjusting. But I try.
These are the inspirations;

I'm trying so hard to achieve this :D

January 21, 2012

I'll see it through

I must say Auckland is not my favourite place in the world,
but it still has its perks;
like scoring a zara leopard dress for $30,
finding a really great brunch place called Shaky Isles

Being able to go out on the weekend and feel great :D
I'm living the dream.
I'm so tired all the time, but it's very great.

January 14, 2012

Oversized clutches

Adore these.
All of them.
All the time.
Yes, I am superficial.
Who cares.
It makes me happy.


January 12, 2012


Satchels were very big in 2011.
I do own a smallish one, but I'm dying to buy another big real leather one soon.
Hopefully my bank account will allow me to do so.

January 08, 2012

United Bamboo '12 Collection

United Bamboo has turned around once more this season
for a more realistic and wearable looks and designs.
It's still beautiful, chic and chilled.

United Bamboo '12 Spring Collection

OMG, I LOVE the shoes!

January 04, 2012

Vera Wang '12 Spring Collection

This wedding dress-maker is always about what women wants.
The cuts, the drakes, the colours, the patterns, the SHOES.

Vera Wang '12 Spring Collection

my favourite :D