July 19, 2010

[Trixie] Trench coat

Here's a look that I made with this cute trench coat that Micah owns.

I wanted to make an outift that she could easily wear to Uni without looking overdressed (not that I think it is possible to ever be overdressed ).

I'd been looking for my own trench for a while now because they're a closet "staple" that I think every girl should have. 
In my opinion, they complete any outfit.
Don't cha think?

(Don't cha wish your girlfriend was HOTTT like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like me?)

being the 5 foot Filipina that I am,
it is predictably hard to find a Trench Coat that is the right length and fit.
I ended up buying a white cropped biker jacket instead.

If you look at a post that I made a while ago,
you will see that I uploaded a photo of Mrs Beckham and Rihanna wearing Trench Coats,
both wearing them with heels.

If I were asked to choose between flats and heels,
I'd choose heels in a heartbeat.

When I was trying on heels with Sasserz one day,
she said to me,
"Heels are sexy. They make the calf look nice and taut."
And she is dead right!

But one thing that seriously sucks about heels is that they are an absolute bitch to wear!

I wore my new 4 inch ankle boots to Uni today
and by the end of the day I was a sad, limping cripple.
Sad face.
Sad pained face.

Anyway, I should end this huge drabble about sexyrrific heels.

Hmm... I feel like eyeshadow shopping.

This last one is my faovurite photo of this particular outfit.
It's super pretty!

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