July 15, 2010

[Trixie] Lace-up boots ,,,

Went to Micah's house and went all Devil-Wears-Prada by bossing her around,
ie. "put this on! DON'T MOVE while I fix your hair! Pose like THIS!"

I shot 4 outfits, but i'll only post them one by one :D
Here is our favourite outfit
(let's not save the best til last).

Btw, the setting was Micah's house HEEHEE

Isn't la fleur pretty? 

These photos were taken in her hall, and Micah was so scared that her brother would walk out and see us being girly and taking photos, 
that she made me close his door because 
"It's too cold! We gotta keep your room warm!"

Didn't look like he believed me.

This is my 2nd favourite photo ^ .

School next Monday *sigh*
Moving to a BSc/BA, if all goes well.

Flippin' course advisors won't e-mail me back!

Anyhoo, this is Micah ^ peacing out, my shizzles.
(Or... "west coast"? Spiderman? GO SPIDEY GO)

Back in Auckland now,
Am I glad to be back?
And no.

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Auckland.

I hate that UoA has been the cause of my hair falling out,
break-outs and high blood pressure (<- Uhh I haven't done any blood pressure tests but I'm pretty sure that my body has been seething for the last 3 months because of Biomed... hahaha).

I love the people, the atmosphere and discovering the City of Sails.

 I really can't imagine being anywhere else :)

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