December 05, 2010

[Trixie] Green browed sunglasses

These are only about 2 weeks old,
but I'd been eyeing them for a couple months beforehand...
These were actually reasonably cheap - $25.
but I'm so poor 
(still looking for a summer job...)
that I have to be frugal with money!

Why why why will no one hire me?!
Give me a chance.... pleeeeeez!

On another note, I've been telling people who comment on my new hair
that I had planned to get a Pixie Cut instead.
And they all instantly say (this includes you Ninia haha ),
"Ahhh! But I'm glad you stuck with this style, it looks good!"

Definitely makes me feel better, 
so thank ye to all ;)


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  2. Nice sun glasses with cool haircut!
    Follow my blog at

    It would be a pleasure :D

  3. Love the shades ;) What's the brand? :)

  4. that shades is awesome. so those are called browed sunglasses? i like one in white please. :D

  5. those shades look great on you- the color is so trendy and it looks really great with your complexion. the fact that they weren't expensive makes them even better! ;P

    i love your little fishies at the bottom of the screen! so cute! ^-^

    love, *claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion
    hope you'll have a chance to visit!

  6. Amazing glasses O_O and they will hire you ;)
    It took a while before somebody hired me too O_O The waiting is the hardest part =s But you will :) trust me :)

    Loves, London

  7. Amazing shades, love love them!

  8. These shades are fab, you're making me jealous of the summer!
    I know finding a job can be so hard sometimes, one day I handed out 50 CVs are only got one interview.
    Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie, good luck with the job search!


  9. nice!! i like your hair
    thanks for comment at my blog
    follow me:)?

  10. Very cute pictures. Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls


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