November 18, 2010

[Fifi] A little place I call home

I'm HOME! sweet, sweet home :D
There is something about home that just makes you want to go back .
It's so comforting and familiar.
By the time my exams were done, I was ready to leave O'Rorke.
maybe not the friends; but the tiny room and bad food, I was happy to leave behind.

So.. I'm back in my parents' home, in my freakishly empty room.
I decided that I'll only unpack 2 bags(out of too many) to last the summer.
It seems, you have too many things to do and too little time to do them!
catching up with friends, family, work, things you couldn't do over the year....
countless lists of To do's
I'm hoping I'll make the most of the summer of 2010/2011
and so should you :D.
Afterall, summer is the best time to have fun!

I'm going to introduce a friend of mine.
Becca, an aspiring curator studying BA with no set majors yet,
but she's working on it.
We're were just taking photos for the things she's selling on Trademe
and yes the photos are from Trademe.
If you're interested, have a wee look :)

Oh, by the way.. I got a job as a waitress at this thai restaurant.
Last night was my first night.
It was wayyy to congested for a wednesday night and for a first night working,
but what the hell, I'm sure I'll get better at it.
Still need a daytime job though-

What are you guys doing over the summer/winter? Anything special?

P.S I promise I'll upload as often as possible this summer with my own outfits!
Yay :D

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