November 22, 2010

[Fifi] Intensity

I think there are two types of people in this world;
ones who own their clothings and the one who are owned by their clothings
You can tell which is which just by looking at them.
I'm talking about the people who own the style,
you know they got it right, maybe not everytime, but even then there is something about them.
so intense and fierce, almost unapproachable
ah, this is the girl; CL

this is just the extra from 2NE1 Vogue photo shoot;



  1. oh wow. i like the urban vibe she embodies in her style. she's so hip.

  2. Very cool photos. Love the personality.

  3. I love the second picture the outfit is awesome! xoxo

  4. Awesome shoot - I love the attitude. You're right about those who own their style... even if it doesn't work, they'll stand by it and carry it off, no matter what.

  5. neat pictures! she is very stylish and I love that hipster yet cute vibe I get from these pics

  6. Now days I think I stalk her fashion :D, glad you guys liked it

  7. i love 2ne1! CL is so bad ass =)


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