November 09, 2010

[Fifi] Fifi the Tomboy

so there I was thinking that I wanted long, floaty hair during the last 3 months...
I'll grow it long, until it reaches my back... blah,blah,blah
Oh and guess what, I want to CUT my hair again!
How typical of me to be impulsive and make an appoinment with my hairdresser this morning.
Okay, I don't know what I want, so I'll just get it trimmed so that it looks clean!
Yea, that was the initial thought, but then again,
it's me, Fi! I'm impulsive and good at making spot decisions!
So, let's take some photos of completely different style and ask the dude what to do?
yes... that sounds wise, more opinion is better than one :)

I went, I sat down, I asked, My hairdresser answered, I picked out one style
and He picks up the scissors.........

and This!!

What do you think?? I feel like a little kid again :)
Nice feeling.... I'm old :(

Ivan reckons I look like one of those vintage kids with opshop outfits
I might go with that and be bohemian for the summer?

I got a new pair of glasses too :) they were $10
Gotta go and study for tomorrow's exam! It will be over in 24 hours time!

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