August 12, 2011

Teal Suede

Long time no talk!
How long has it been since the last post - what, a month and a bit!

I actually took these photos 2 weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to edit and post them.

What's new with me?
Hmm... I shall list what has happened in the past month since Uni has started.

1) I found out that both the Jesus' in my Linguistics classes are taken.
Not surprised! 
I'm also not disappointed, I didn't like them anyway.
But it's just amusing saying,
"Jesus has a girlfriend."
By the way, their names aren't actually 'Jesus'.
Their facial hair just resembles Jesus' facial hair.
And they're very good-looking.
When the wind is whisping away in their direction,
they look like models at a photoshoot with a big fan.

2) Am having an internal struggle.
To drop Linguistics or not?
I find the theories so difficult to grasp and I have no time to keep up with the readings
because I'm preoccupied with my other papers.
It's my own fault really... I chose to do this stage 3 paper
when it would've been wiser to do a stage 2 paper.
I don't know what to do.
3) ... can't think of anything else worth noting except that 
I'm ridiculously infatuated with yet another tutor.
I can almost sense the eye-rolling.
I know, I know - 
here we go again.

I'll try to take some photos of my 'dress of the moment'.
It's a red one I got off trademe and shortened (like all things I get off trademe... haha).
Most of y'all have probably already seen it,
but I would love to frolick and such in it heehee

Have a good week! 

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