October 05, 2010

[Trixie] White and grey for Uni

... ready for the summer!

Haven't posted any outfit posts in a while so here's what I wore to Uni today.

I look weary because this is just when I got home from Uni...
and my hair is really flat... haha

I went to Valleygirl today in between lectures and tried on this cute pair of peach, high-waisted shorts.
It looked terrible on me :(
And then I found these silky-ish cargo shorts that were so niiiice!
But I'm too poor! Argh!

Are these shorts too short for ... I don't know,
Last year I wore shorts that were even shorter to school
 (Haha! What a skank!),
but seeing as I went to an all-girls school, 
it wasn't a big deal.
I mean, there were tonnes of girl who wore leggings as pants 
and just let their flabby butts jiggle up and down the stairs
so my exposing of my legs wasn't that bad (at least I don't think it was that bad...).

I'm just a little bit more self-conscious wearing shorter bottoms to Uni
because I don't want to look like a walking advertisement for the (disgusting) Uni boys.

This is a ring that I bought in a shop somewhere on Elliot street.
All those Asian shops upstairs are so cute ! 

P.S. I just ordered my glasses yesterday. 
They'll arrive within a couple of weeks!
I will definitely take photos when I get them heehee


  1. nice legs girl!!!

    thanks for your comment on my blog:)



  2. u look great :D
    thx for the comment. no i am not filipino im a malaysian :D

    follow each??

  3. i don't think there too short, but then again... i live in the desert and it gets sooo hott here and pretty much all the girls at my school are wearing even shorter shorts... also, i'm not sure if i can do the no meat thing... but i'm pretty much a vegetarian all week long up until the weekends since i'm getting to be poor too and spend more money on shopping than i do for food. we're also big on bbq's here come football season. lol

  4. Oh my, your bag and detailed top are so cute! I love them! And I don't think they are too short...it depends how you feel in them, I think :) I know I wear shorter sometimes! Haha :)

  5. this is such a cute top, love the lace detailing . thanks for your sweet comment, it made my day! xxx


  6. this is such a cute top dear! adorable blog! xxxx

  7. The shorts look great on you!
    I know what you mean though, NZ can be a bit on the conservative side.
    Gorgeous ring by the way :)
    Just became a follower

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them xo

  8. i don't think the shorts are too short...
    the good thing is that you're conscious of it and are not overexposing yourself like you said. great overall casual look


  9. that ring is so cute! i enjoy your blog very much; i am now a follower. thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Em xo


  10. omg. legging as pants! Never! The girls and I in my buying office would always joke about the leggings as pants look hahaha


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