June 18, 2010

[Trixie] CLOGS? No, thanks.

If there is one trend this season that I don't like, 
it is the CLOG trend.

I don't get it - 
some celebrities are so hung up on the 'next best thing' and being 'trend savvy'
that they're blinded even when fugly clogs are the "it" item of the season.

Those clogs ruined perfectly good outfits!

Although, to be honest,
Ashlee Simpson looks sickly pale and skinny in her black pants and shirt,
and the colour of Vanessa hudgens jacket is really cheap-looking
(it looks even cheaper because the colour matches her clogs... I'm not too fond of matching outfits).

Rachel Bilson is the only decent-looking one of the lot,
however she probably shouldn't have gone for the boyfriend cut of those jeans-
they make her legs look even shorter.
Is it just me, or does it look like she's trying too hard with that outfit?
Ripped jeans, blazer, clogs? Trying to kill 2 birds (or maybe 3) with one bullet?
Dude, blazers were last season.
And I thought Ms Bilson was supposed to be 'fashion-forward'...

Fi and I finished exams on the 14th! 
So now we can post again!

(images from mystyle.com)

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