March 10, 2011

Man Watch

Hello all!

I can't hang around too much
(and go off on multiple tangents because I need to revise a few things)
so I'll do the outfit posting for now 
and hold off the stories for later.

This is a reminder for myself to talk about...
The person with the weird laugh.
The severed head.
The deadly acorns.

But for now, here are some impromptu photos
(seriously, I got home and asked my cousin to take photos of me.
Our "photoshoot" lasted about 2 minutes)
of my outfit today for Uni.
Nothing too special but the shoes are new
(forgot to do a close-up photo!)
and so is the necklace ($2.50!).

The writing on my hand says 
I need to do some more volunteer work...


  1. Love the lighting in the shots. And the bracelet looks quite interesting

  2. 2 minutes can still bring out awesomeness in your photos! nice job.

  3. nice photos, love your outfit, i love brown and blue combo!
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  4. love your photos with sun shining in the background! :)

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  5. Cool!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  6. bbygurl y u so hot
    come back to wellington and marry me * v *



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