June 13, 2011

How you been? Here's an update from me.

Long time no see!

Haven't posted anything on this blog personally for more than a month!
I'm sorry :(
Same 'ol, same ol' excuse really - 
Uni stuff 
(you were hoping I'd say something juicy like,
"Oh, been busy with a boy" weren't you?
all the ones I go googly-eyed over are either married or moving away to do research...
and are all wayyy too old for me).

Bottom line is, I'm a boring person who does boring things...
oh how I miss my friends in Smelly Welly (heehee).
Not that I don't like my friends here in Auckland!
Actually, I've met some crazy characters here.
Mostly from my Linguistics paper though.
There are some pretty amusing ones from my other papers as well.
but I've noticed that people doing science tend to be quite similar.
Not that they're all robots or anything like that, it's just,
people doing science (or, the ones who do my papers, at least) tend to have the same goals, the same ideas, the same life experience (which is virtually none, eg. myself).
The arts papers are just melting pots with lots of different people!
Thinking about it, I'm so thankful and glad that I spontaneously took Linguistics 'for fun'
(... "nerd" is what about 3 people have called me in the past week.
This hurts, ya know! Since when was the noun "nerd" something other than an insult?!).
Back to what I was saying about arts papers -
well, I've never met a weirder, more eclectic bunch.
Just talking to them makes me so much "more aware of my incompetence"
(^ quoting from a girl from the bunch!).
Just hearing their life stories and learning about all this life experience they have makes me feel so naive and well... young (I'm the youngest out of the bunch by a few years, actually).

There was an end of semester drinks at the Uni bar for Linguistics.
Yes, you're going "ho ho ho how lame!" because the thought of a bunch of Linguistics students
having drinks together must sound like a total bore, right?
So far from the truth!
Hardly any conversation about Linguistics occurred here, promise.
(Not that I would have minded if we did discuss Linguistics but, I digress)
My cool tutor came, talked about how he grew up in Windy Welly (!)
went to Rongotai college (Hahaha! when I asked him if he knew that someone set the gym on fire he laughed) and how"the love of my life when I was 17 went to WGC" (!).
When I said, "Oh, your wife went to WGC?"
He giggled ("giggle"? Can a grown man giggle?) and said, "No no no! She went to Porirua College haha!"
His endless quotes from Family Guy and the The Simpsons are hilarious as well.
Definitely not your typical Linguistics academic!
Oh, and then the photographer (no, a professional photographer, not your friend who takes tacky photos and posts them on facebook! Haha!) drank too much and said,
"Hey, those girls over by the pool table are pretty cute...
wanna talk to them with me? Be a wingwoman?"
... uhhh, how about a "no"?

I should probably mention that I was motivated to post something new because
my little sunshine who had an exam this morning, describing it as a"train wreck" (...join the club),
told me a few weeks ago that this blog was looking a little empty...
me so sorry! 

Oh, I also had an exam this morning (hence the comment about 'joining the club').
It went... all right.
I studied quite early which ended up being my downfall
because I couldn't remember anything that I had studied earlier on.
It seems like the only way to succeed is to cram... but cramming does not suit me.
I mean, I was hoping for a good mark for this one but I'll be all right with an 'aiiight' mark.
Studying all the clinical psych stuff really made me depressed...
definitely rules out being a clinical psychologist.
(not that this career path was ever an option because I'm really not a fountain of empathy.
I can't listen to problems all day long... as a friend said today,
"I'd just end up saying GET OVER IT")

On either side of me sat a couple of geniuses who did not bring erasers to the exam.
Um, hello, there's an mcq section so obviously one would need to bring erasers!
They had the brains to bring a pencil, but not enough brains to bring an eraser.
Common sense!
 If you're going to need a pencil, you're going to need an eraser as well!
And you know who was interrupted THREE TIMES during the exam (by the supervisor, no talking between students allowed) so that those two little shits could borrow her eraser?
Why am I punished, my concentration broken,
because two stupid shits didn't bring their own erasers?
Ugh, just talking about it makes my forehead veins pop a little.
And THEN Mr Little Shit on my right was constantly turning on his seat to crack his back.
Who cracks their back during an exam? And pointedly leans back and stretches?
Someone trying to sneak a peak at their neighbour's exam script, that's who.
I could ramble for eons but I'll stop myself now.
There. Out of my system.

I just scrolled up and realised that I've written a lot of crap and have probs bored you to oblivion.

I'm going to post some outtakes from photoshoots (yes, I keep the bad photos)
to prove that I'm not vain (I am).
This is to ease my conscience.

I'm not vain... I'm not vain.
That's why I posted such a horrible photo.
In the hopes of making your little cheeks jiggle.



  1. That picture really did make me laugh! And I'm in the same boat I hadn't posted on my blog for months until today!

  2. i love that song too! it's so calming, peaceful, soulful i don't know how to describe!


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