March 11, 2012

New Year's up North!

Hello Hello!

Uni started 2 weeks ago, and I'm in the process of handing in my first assignment of the year.
Anyone used R for stats before?
It's supposedly one of the easiest, most useful programmes for statisticians
yet I can't get through any of the questions on the assignment without asking a tutor for help.
I think this really proves my stupidity (-_-)"
Oh Zeus, why didn't you bless me with amay-za-zing computer skills?

I have a new tutor for one of my Psych papers who is (reasonably) cute.
I think what made me conclude this was his stubbly beard and beige pants.
I really don't get what my "type" is nowadays.
It seems I like the weirdest, dorkiest people around.
My poor, poor future children 
(they're gonna have a couple of screwed-up dorky parents...).

I should probably mention that I'm not going to put up many close-up photos of the people
I went on holiday with because this blog isn't private.
(And they're so vain that they want to approve every photo of themselves before I upload them

This is me being a crane.
Thank god the arm of the chair was there or else I may have flashed a little bit of something.

For a few nights we drank baileys, laughed and made cranes until early morning.
I distinctly remember that we nearly stayed up until sunrise after New Year's
making cranes and talking about nothing and everything.
My friends probably wouldn't have wanted me to disclose this information
("woohoo origami cranes SO HARD-CORE BRO")
but I don't care!
I had oodles and noodles of fun :D

(By the end of the holiday the approximate final count of cranes was 834...
we plan to send them off to Hiroshima)

Above are my friend and I taking advantage of the beautiful pink sunset.
I did an outfit post in Jan of the peach dress I wore.
I'm so afraid to wear it to Uni - I fear that it might rip or something. 
Right, I love it too much to wear it.
Isn't that nuts?

Above is the Coromandel beach.
So big and long and beautiful!
("that's what she said" 
sorry, couldn't help it)

Below are photos of us walking to one of the top 100 beaches in the world 
(I forgot the name of it... woops)

Us on the last day of the holiday, 
hanging out on the grass outside the batch.

And to finish off, some unflattering blooper photos of me.
I hope my constipated poses make you giggle, you filthy minx!

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