August 18, 2012

"tied-up sides with suede string things "

Really need new stuff but alas am too poor.
What can ya do? 
I have a couple new things from a month ago... 
like this cool dress (that I got with Fifi!) that has tied-up sides with suede string things (? my fashion terminology is lacking) but has no shape whatsoever so it kinda makes me look like an upside-down strawberry.
So I wear it with my orange jacket on days when I don't feel like looking like a fruit.

 I look like someone is interrogating me.
"Wahhh please let me go! 
I'm too young for this!"

And then these ducks came by to visit!
Was feeding them and they kept getting the bread stuck to the side of their beaks.
Silly duckies.

Oh, and here's one I particularly like.
Showing my moves on the driveway...
who says you need music to partayyy?

The one above is my favourite from this batch. 
I think the sun was peaking out of the clouds and it caught my attention.
We've been having such bad weather lately that any sign of sun is met with celebration haha
And last night there was even thunder and lightening D;
I was so terrified... all alone in my room downstairs (everyone was sleeping)
and trying to study but the thunder claps were so loud 
that it felt like someone was pounding down the walls.

Fingers crossed we get back the sunny weather!
I can't handle the anxiety of wearing tights all the time
("did I just rip them? Is there a run down mah leg?!").


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