September 04, 2012

Parisian Pink

 if you haven't spoken to me in a while, 
then you probably won't know anything about my recent G-Dragon fascination.
GD is a rapper, singer, producer & song-writer from a huge k-pop boy band called Big Bang.
(Big Bang won the worldwide act award at the European MTV awards in 2011.
Their Engrish was cute haha)

I've liked Big Bang for years but it was only recently when I started getting into their music again
(They went through an electronica phase... I didn't enjoy that.
Bring back the hip hop and pumpin' bass!)

Anyway, GD has mad crazy style.
He dyes his hair frequently and his fashion has got to be randomest fashion I've ever seen.
But "I love it"!
(quoting from his song 'One Of A Kind' hehe)

He flew to Paris in June during fashion week to do a spread for Harper's Bazaar Korea.
Here are some photos from the shoot.

Oh my gosh,
he is so androgynous.
So fabulous!

I find it so funny and amazing how 
he can go from feminine and androgynous to edgy and rough in a second.

And just to prove my point about this guy being a fashion chameleon,
here is one of his latest music videos from his solo album coming out this month.

Beware, this may be the most gangsta thing you have seen in a while!
Prepare yourself for gold chains, blonde cornrows, tight leather pants, super fast Korean rapping and most importantly gangsta moves.
I am not ashamed to admit that I've had this song on reply since it came out
Ahahaha! (what's happening to me?!)

Hard to believe it's the same person but alas,
that is the enigma of the G to the Dragon.

Okay, that is all for now.
got a ball coming up so I will probably post a few photos from that :)
I'll be wearing a red dress...
hope I don't end up looking tacky or anything!

(tha gangsta-ness is infectious... haha)

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