September 14, 2012

Spring Collection

I have noticed that I haven't been dealing with my problems right.
You think you manage your life well, 
but every now and then, you realise that things are not in-control as I think I am.
so, I found that I've been putting things off until I really am in trouble.
what a bad habit that is. :)

This is Marcheta's Spring collection.
so beautiful and oriental
It must be the 'thing' this season

These are some favourites from Jeremy Scott's Spring Collection
I have recently heard that he did the costumes for 2NE1's New Evolution World Tour.
I must say that 2NE1, especially CL is his current muse.
His inspiration is definitely hip hop-inspired, mixed with a feminine twist.

This is Jill Stuart's Spring Collection.
Something dark, morbid but so pretty and beautiful.
These gothic looks are definitely my favourite.

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